The Best of Of Orange County Jewelry

Simone & Son--Engagement Ring Halo Cut


I have had wedding fever lately. I think it’s because wedding season is now in full swing and I’ve already been to two weddings in the past month or so! It also doesn’t help that I am a frequent Pinterest user and my wedding board is growing by the day.

My dream engagement wedding ring is a halo-style ring. I love all of the detailing that it involves and how these rings can look delicate and detailed at the same time. I found this while browsing around online at Simone and Son.

Simone and Son really has the best of Orange County jewelry. I love that I can find my dream ring there. If I couldn’t though, I know that they specialize in the custom design and creation of jewelry. How great!

This Christmas My Sister is Getting a Beautiful Ornate Wedding Ring! Shhh…Don’t Tell!



My sister is so lucky! This Christmas, she is getting engaged. It’s so exciting because she has no idea what is going to happen! My future brother-in-law had to let me in on the secret so that I could help him pick out a ring that my sister would love.

We went to Simone and Son in Huntington Beach and were able to choose from a huge selection of rings. There were so many to choose from that we had a hard time deciding at first. We finally decided that my sister would love a ring from the collection of ornate engagement and wedding rings.  I can’t wait to see the look on her face when he proposes to her at our family Christmas on Tuesday!


Go to Orange County to Get a Wedding Ring That She Will Love

If you are planning a wedding and it’s time to pick out a ring, look no further. The place to go in Orange County for wedding rings is Simone and Son. They have an amazing selection of jewelry available in many different styles and sizes.

Simone and Son is a family-owned company and they have been in the area for years. They have a great reputation in town and their customers are usually lifelong! We had amazing experiences when going to Simone and Son.

There is a great team of employees that are more than willing to help with your needs and wants. If you don’t find a ring that is exactly what you dreamed of, they specialize in the custom creation of the ring that you want. Check out Simone and Son and see what the buzz is about!