A Great Way to Thank Your Girls… Now Get Those Bridesmaid Luncheon Invitations Out in the Mail!

Creations by Leslie-Bridesmaids Luncheon


I love learning about wedding traditions. I consider myself to be a pretty traditional person who likes to put a fun spin on things. Did you know it was customary for the bride to invite the girls out for a luncheon to thank them for their love and support during the wedding planning process? As most of you know, it can be very stressful to choose attire, colors, decor, music, food, drinks, venue, and so much more. People have no idea what is involved in planning a wedding until they do it themselves. It can be very helpful to have your girls by your side in this intense process.

A bridesmaid luncheon can be the perfect way to show appreciation and thank the lovely ladies that help out with the planning. Send out your bridesmaid luncheon invitations and prepare for a great day!

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