Weddings: They’re Not Just for June

Customizable hanger, perfect option for a wedding gift.

Customizable hanger, perfect option for a wedding gift.

I know what you’re thinking, weddings are usually a summer topic. And yes, while most weddings happen in May and June, there are still a few scattered about throughout the year. Take my friend Allison for example, she just married the love of her life this past Saturday. So yes, while weddings may be a more popular subject for the summer months, fall- and even winter- weddings are indeed a thing. That being said, we cannot forget about the weddings gifts!

I was racking my brain deciding what to get Allison and David. I could have gone with the traditional blender, or knife set, but that is so boring! As I have said before, I love getting personalized gifts that actually mean something. One of my favorite sites to go to for weddings gifts is Etsy. Etsy is a super popular, well known site so you know you its trustworthy, and because most of the gifts are hand-made it is the perfect site to go to if you want something personal!

The gift I chose for Allison and her hubby David were these super cool customized hangers. Like I said, they were hand-made out of wood and use twisted aluminum wire to write out the last name of the bride and groom. You can add a bow, pearls, or both to the hanger and its as cheap as $5.99 plus tax.

The reason I love this gift idea so much is because, generally, the hanger is used to hang up the brides wedding dress (and if you get one for the groom he can hang up his suit- if he didn’t rent it of course). The wedding dress is probably the most important keepsake from the brides special day. Therefore, it deserves more than just a cheap, plastic hanger from the dollar store.

I chose to put Allison’s new last name on the hanger as a way to commemorate her special day, with her special guy, and needless to say she loved it. Now she can hang up her dress and show off her new last name at the same time. Best of luck to the both of you!


Hugs, kisses and best wishes y’all!

Linen Source is a Great Site for Wedding or Housewarming Gifts




I am having SERIOUS wedding fever lately. Now that Spring is just around the corner, more and more wedding invitations will be arriving in the mail and I am super excited! I also have a couple of friends that are moving in the Spring, so I thought that this post could apply to a number of events.

I found this website called “LinenSource” and I absolutely love their products and site. Not only do they have linens galore (bedspreads, sheets, quilts, comforters, table linens, bath linens, blankets and throws), but they also have wall hangings, furniture, apparel, rugs, window coverings and so much more!

These are all fantastic gift ideas for a wedding or housewarming gift. They also have a bargain basement with some great deals. Saving money is never a bad thing, right?

Personalized Couple’s Key Dates Wall Art



Even though more and more wedding invitations are disappearing off of the refrigerator, I’m still looking for a couple of great wedding gifts. I usually go by the registry that the couple makes, but sometimes I like to get creative and get them a different gift.

I saw this cute personalized key dates for couple’s wall art on The View and have wanted to order it since. You can really customize this by choosing a size, whether or not you want to frame it, and what color you want. Of course, you also customize the dates and which ones are important to the couple. Don’t feel like you have to go by what these ones are too…you can make whichever you want! If I made one, it would have “first date”, “he asked her”, “we said I do” and “we made a house our home”. I think this is SO cute!

A Wedding Gift Basket Complete With Wine, Kringle Candles, and Massage Oils

The Lamp Stand-Kringle Candles blog-bath oils blog-wine


I’m big into gift baskets. I really like to have a common “theme” in the gifts I give, and what better way than with a gift basket?

Since wedding season is in full swing (see my fridge covered in “Save the Dates” and invitations if you don’t believe me!), I thought it would be perfect to post a great idea for a wedding gift basket.

This is a gift basket for a romantic night in. Since newlyweds often are saving their money for other things such as starting a family or purchasing a home, it’s nice to give them opportunity for a date night in!

For this gift basket, you will want relaxing Maui massage oils, a bottle or two of wine, and plenty of Kringle Candles. Won’t the happy couple love this? I’ve given this gift basket before and it’s been super popular.

Finally, The Perfect Bridal Party Dresses!

It can be VERY stressful to pick out bridal party dresses. You want the girls to match the wedding theme and decor, be within budget, and be something that can be worn again in the future. Who wants to spend $400 on a dress to be a bridesmaid and have it sit in your closet for the rest of your life? No, thank you!

I found the perfect bridal party dresses. These are adorable!

Pacific Plex-crystal knot one-sleeve dress


What do you think? I like these because they can be worn again, are only $89.99 (which is practically unheard of when it comes to bridesmaid dresses), and they are super cute!

It’s normally a tradition for the bride and groom to get the bridal party gifts to thank them for being a part of the wedding on the night before the big day at the rehearsal dinner. With dresses this inexpensive, the gifts to the bridesmaids could be their dresses! You could offer to pay for them as a thank you for being in the wedding. Instead of giving the gift the night before the wedding, you could give it to them a couple of months before.