The Bored Jar

I hate being bored but somehow I always am. However, being 22 I can just hop in my car and find my own adventure, but when you have young kids that always complain about being bored you cannot exactly send them away. I do not have kids yet but I remember being a little girl and complaining all the time about how I did not know what to do and even then I knew it drove my mom insane. That is why when I came across “The Bored Jar” I knew I had to share it with everyone. Because, honestly, you do not need to be a little kid to have a bored jar of your own.


All you need to make a bored jar is some sort of jar or jar-like contraption. A box would do too. Technically anything that can hold something else would work just fine. The hard part is coming up with ideas to fill your jar with. You can download a list with 150 ideas on it from The Mad House blog. She also has idea lists specific to the seasons. Like build a snowman in the winter and plant some flowers in the spring! Of course a lot of the ideas are perfect for children, but if you are not a small child and you do not enjoy activities that cater to small children I came up with a more “mature” list.

  1. Make a playlist and go for a joyride in your car. Either alone or with a friend!
  2. Binge watch a show you have never seen before on Netflix. You know they just added Friends.
  3. Stalk your crush on Facebook, you know you want to anyway.
  4. Actually go outside and enjoy nature, no phone needed. That really goes for everyone at any age.

The options are endless!