These VooDoo Tactical Backpacks Are The Best!

Outdoor Legacy Gear-Men's Voodoo Tactical BackpackMy brother and I have a shared hobby of guns and shooting. We started off as simply as shooting paintball guns and BB guns in high school and it turned into us taking classes together and going to the shooting range every couple of weeks together for target practice.

This year, for my brother’s birthday, I have decided to get him one of these VooDoo tactical backpacks that he’s been looking at online. He likes this one because it’s lightweight, simple, yet very functional. This is his style and I can’t wait to see the look on his face when he opens his gifts and sees that I, in fact, DO listen to him when he talks about things that he wants!

A Swimsuit, Towel and Shoes That She’ll Love



This weekend, I am going to a birthday party for my 8 year old cousin. She is super excited to have everybody over to the house and asked her mom (my aunt) to e-mail the family and tell us all what she wants for presents. Second only to presents, I think she is almost just as excited to dig into her hot pink and zebra themed cake. She’s in the stage where everything that is hot pink and zebra striped is her favorite. Her entire room is decorated like this!

Since spring is just around the corner, I thought that I would get something that she can use when the weather heats up. I found this super cute swimsuit for her at Target. I found a mint-colored beach towel and a pair of mint-colored flip flops to match. I wish I would’ve been able to find something hot pink or zebra striped, but I think that she’ll love this just as much!

Seriously Great Deals at Target on Toys

blog-target toy


I’m sure I’ve told you this before and I’m sure you can tell by some of the things I post, but I seriously love shopping online. I prefer shopping online to shopping in a traditional brick and mortar store because I can avoid the hustle and bustle of customers and employees in the store, avoid the long lines and long waiting times, and avoid the risk of a product bring out of stock when I arrive at the store.

Right now Target is having a huge sale on their toys. If you have kids to buy toys for Christmas for, then I would check this sale out and save some money. It’d also be nice to get some online shopping done now and save money rather than getting trampled by the crowds on Black Friday trying to save some money.


A Great Deal on Cell Phones at Target



Did you know Target carried cell phones? …Neither did I! When I think of Target, I think of bath and body products, shoes, clothes, housewares, bedding, toiletries, paper products and even groceries, but never do I think of cell phones!

Little did I know, Target carries phones from AT&T, Verizon Wireless and Sprint. You are able to get phones and contracts through any of these companies so it’s super convenient. Sometimes, Target even has better deals than the actual phone company stores. Right now, they are offering an additional deal to top of their already great prices. They are offering a $50 Target giftcard with the purchase of 3 phones. This is great to cash in on if your family is up on their current phone contracts!


Great TVs on Sale Just in Time for Football Season

Are you as excited for football season as I am? Although I would bet a large amount of money that I’m not excited for the same reasons you are, it’s fast-approaching and I can’t wait! I love tailgating, making delicious game-day snacks and appetizers, hosting our friends over and gossiping with my friends while the guys tune in, and of course a reason to wear my favorite PINK by Victoria’s Secret game-day gear (did you know that they carry a super cute NFL line?).



My guy has been trying to convince me that we “need” a new TV in the living room. Thanks to the GREAT sale at Target right now, I am finally going to give in. This is just in time for football season so I’m going to surprise him! I can’t wait to go pick up the TV and see the look on his face when it’s sitting in the living room. :)