4th of July Fun

When you live in or near the big city of Minneapolis, Minnesota you tend to get thrown a lot of options when it comes to any event. This 4th of July is no exception. Many will be on their boats on Lake Minnetonka while others will be grilling in their backyards. But for those of you who don’t know what to do on the day our country was born here are a few options for the Twin Cities area.

  1. Stone Arch Bridge:
    Fireworks Above the Stone Arch Bridge
    This is one of the best spots to view the fireworks; they’re literally above your head! The bridge is above the Mississippi river so you can only imagine how magical the fireworks look in the waters reflection. Spots fill up quick because it is so popular so get there early!
  2. Gold Medal Park:
    This spot can be pretty buggy so if you do go make sure to bring bug spray but don’t let the thought of getting bit stop you from going because the view is perfection! Lay back on the grass, play frisbee with your friends and enjoy!
  3. Lake Calhoun:
    Go there during the day to swim, grill, kayak and enjoy the weather and stay for the night to watch the fireworks over the water! Nothing more romantic than a view of the lake to go with some explosions.
  4. July 4th in the park:
    This is the only Independence Day parade in St. Paul. It is accompanied by a family friendly picnic and party located in Langford Park. The parade begins at 11:00 AM on Luther Place and continues down Como Park.
  5. Watermelon Ride:
    The 31st annual Watermelon Ride is on July 4th. This is another family friendly event and you can choose to travel either 15, 25, or 5o miles. It begins in Battle Creek Regional Park with a picnic after the ride. It costs $25.00 to join.

Lots of options here!