She Will Be Smiling Ear to Ear After Getting One of These Unique Engagement Rings

What gift is better than proposing to the one you love? It really makes a statement when you ask somebody for their hand in marriage. It tells them that you love them and that your love is so strong that you are wanting to spend the rest of your life with them.




Isn’t this selection of unique engagement rings adorable? I love these rings. If you don’t see something that you like, don’t worry. They have a HUGE selection of rings, and even if you don’t see any of those that fit your taste, Simone and Son specializes in the custom design and creation of engagement and wedding rings.

If you are ready to pop the question and haven’t found the perfect ring yet, look no further. There is nobody that I would rather work with than the staff at Simone and Son.

The Best of Of Orange County Jewelry

Simone & Son--Engagement Ring Halo Cut


I have had wedding fever lately. I think it’s because wedding season is now in full swing and I’ve already been to two weddings in the past month or so! It also doesn’t help that I am a frequent Pinterest user and my wedding board is growing by the day.

My dream engagement wedding ring is a halo-style ring. I love all of the detailing that it involves and how these rings can look delicate and detailed at the same time. I found this while browsing around online at Simone and Son.

Simone and Son really has the best of Orange County jewelry. I love that I can find my dream ring there. If I couldn’t though, I know that they specialize in the custom design and creation of jewelry. How great!

The Place to Go For Jewelry in Orange County

Simone & Son


I am so excited because in just a few months it will the four year anniversary since my boyfriend and I started dating. We have had so many amazing times together and are continuing to build hundreds of great memories together. I am hoping that we continue to do this and am ready to take the next step in our relationship. I am so ready to get engaged! By the way he has been talking lately, I know he is feeling the same way. What better time than on our four year anniversary to get engaged!

Ever since we started talking about starting in on our “forever” together, I have talked non-stop about Simone and Son. This is the place to go for jewelry in Orange County. They have such an amazing collection of engagement rings and they also specialize in the custom design and creation of jewelry. Check out their collection and you can see why I don’t want a ring from anywhere else!

The Best of the Best With Orange County Jewelers



Let’s face it: jewelry is the best gift ever! It is a gift that can be given at almost any occasion and celebration. I have gotten jewelry for special anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas, graduation, and more! My favorite was for my wedding. This was the most special day and I love that Simone and Son was there for me for that. They have a fantastic selection of jewelry and I’m so glad that my husband sees that as well!

He said they were so helpful in assisting him in picking out my engagement ring and every piece of jewelry after that. They know him by name by now and are just like a second family to us. I’m so glad to have such a relationship built up with an amazing company that I know will take care of us. They are so knowledgeable and friendly that sometimes I just stop in to say “hi!”. Stop by and visit Simone and Son and you can see for yourself why they are the best jewelers in Orange County!