The Best of Of Orange County Jewelry

Simone & Son--Engagement Ring Halo Cut


I have had wedding fever lately. I think it’s because wedding season is now in full swing and I’ve already been to two weddings in the past month or so! It also doesn’t help that I am a frequent Pinterest user and my wedding board is growing by the day.

My dream engagement wedding ring is a halo-style ring. I love all of the detailing that it involves and how these rings can look delicate and detailed at the same time. I found this while browsing around online at Simone and Son.

Simone and Son really has the best of Orange County jewelry. I love that I can find my dream ring there. If I couldn’t though, I know that they specialize in the custom design and creation of jewelry. How great!

A Good Place to Get Jewelry in Huntington Beach

Jewelry makes a great gift. In fact, it is my favorite gift! I love jewelry. It is a gift that you can never go wrong in giving because it’s perfect for any occasion–whether it be for a birthday, anniversary, holiday, engagement, graduation, wedding, confirmation, and first communion.

My favorite jewelers in Huntington Beach is Simone and Son. They have such a fantastic collection of jewelry that there really is nothing that is comparable. Simone and Son is top of the line in their products, staff, and customer service. They treat every customer like family and the vast knowledge base that each person has about the jewelry never ceases to amaze me! It’s very comforting going into make a big jewelry purchase and know that we are in the right hands and that we are having the best experience possible. I love Simone and Son–check out their website and stop in sometime to see what I’m talking about!

Tungsten Wedding Bands Are Fantastic!

Tungsten wedding bands are the best of the best in the jewelry market. They are quickly becoming the most popular rings on the market and it is very easy to see why! There are many great qualities to a tungsten ring. They are very modern looking. There are new designs coming out all the time. These masculine rings will look and feel great to wear the rest of your life.

Tungsten is the strongest material on the jewelry market. It is indestructible and virtually scratch-proof! This is a ring that will last a lifetime. A tungsten ring has a permanent finish to it so you will never have to get it polished. It is maintenance free and easy to take care of. If you are trying to plan a wedding and are getting overwhelmed by the vast jewelry selection available, check out these great tungsten rings!

Kameleon Jewelry is Unique and Beautiful

Jewelry is always a safe choice when it comes to gift giving. There are many, many gift ideas out there, but I always feel like when I give somebody the gift of jewelry, they are happy and love it!

Kameleon Jewelry is hot right now! It is trending because it is interchangeable jewelry. Each piece is made of sterling silver. You can change out the jewels on each and every piece. There are many, many JewelPops available for purchase in several different colors, sizes, shapes, and styles. You can collect the JewelPops and switch them out on the jewelry to accommodate different outfits! You can individualize your look and personalize your jewelry to match anything that you are wearing. They also offer a JewelPop compact to hold all of your JewelPops in to keep them together and organized. This jewelry is very competitively priced. They will meet or beat any other price you can find for Kameleon Jewelry!

Available in the jewelry are rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, sunglasses, pins, and earrings.