I Picked Out My Dream Engagement Ring at Kay

Screen shot 2014-03-27 at 6.30.33 PMKay Jewelers has always been one of my favorite places for jewelry. I love their selection of rings, necklaces, watches, bracelets, earrings, and pendants.

I’m incredibly picky about engagement rings. This is an important piece of jewelry that I hope to wear forever, so I want to make sure mine is something that I’m completely in love with.

This is the one that I found that I can’t get enough of. I think it’s the perfect size, is right in our price range and budget, and is something that I could see myself wearing forever.

If you’re in the market for a ring and you don’t see what you’re looking for, you can also do a custom-designed ring that matches your taste and likes. You can pick from different settings and choose your own diamond, picking the shape, size and clarity.

Family Jewelry Makes a Great Mother’s Day Gift

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Mother’s Day is coming up in a couple of months. I love this holiday dedicated to celebrating how great moms are. My mom does so much for me and I love having the opportunity to officially thank her and show her appreciation (although this is something that should definitely be done all year round).

I really like the idea of getting family jewelry for Mother’s Day. Zales has a great selection of both unique and traditional rings, necklaces, and bracelets that have kids’ names, initials, birthstones or a combination. These are reasonably priced (it helps that they’re having a sale right now so you can save big!). You can shop online or find a store near you. Your mom will love this! It would also make a great birthday gift.

These Personalized Rings Make Great Gifts for a Wedding Party



Happy New Year to all of my wonderful readers our there. I hope you had a fantastic time bringing in the New Year and are starting off the year 2014 happy and healthy!

I spent the majority of my day on the couch relaxing and trying to recover from staying up a little too late last night. We had people over last night and I’m not used to being up too far past 10 pm!

Laying on the couch gave me plenty of time to do one of my favorite activities: online shopping! I went on Etsy first in search of some personalized gifts for the bride and groom to get their wedding party for a wedding that I am helping to plan. I really like these sterling silver personalized rings and think that the bridesmaids in the wedding would love them! They’re unique and I love the fact that you can personalize them.

The Best of the Best With Orange County Jewelers



Let’s face it: jewelry is the best gift ever! It is a gift that can be given at almost any occasion and celebration. I have gotten jewelry for special anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas, graduation, and more! My favorite was for my wedding. This was the most special day and I love that Simone and Son was there for me for that. They have a fantastic selection of jewelry and I’m so glad that my husband sees that as well!

He said they were so helpful in assisting him in picking out my engagement ring and every piece of jewelry after that. They know him by name by now and are just like a second family to us. I’m so glad to have such a relationship built up with an amazing company that I know will take care of us. They are so knowledgeable and friendly that sometimes I just stop in to say “hi!”. Stop by and visit Simone and Son and you can see for yourself why they are the best jewelers in Orange County! 

A Great Place for Jewelry in Orange County

I take my jewelry purchases very seriously. Jewelry is something that is work for a long time (if not forever!) and jewelry means a lot to me. I love that I can go to Simone and Son and get just want I want in jewelry.

Simone and Son is a jewelry company based out of Orange County, California (don’t worry, you can shop online if you don’t live in the area!) that is family owned. They have an amazing selection of jewelry; there are many different styles, colors and shapes available. If you don’t find the perfect piece of jewelry for you, they specialize in the custom design of jewelry and can create the ring of your dreams.

Next time you’re in the area and want to find some great jewelry in Orange County, stop in to Simone and Son!