A Gift Card to Home Depot is the Perfect Housewarming Gift

home_depot_gift_cardI love getting a housewarming gift for somebody that just moved. Getting a new home or moving can be so exciting that I like to celebrate with the person and show them that I’m excited and happy for them!

Sometimes it can be really hard to pick out a housewarming gift for people. I am personally very picky about my house decor. I like things to match, and I’m very “Type A” about it. I know there are a lot of other people that feel the same way. This is how I’ve come to discover that gift cards make great housewarming gifts. I typically like to get gift cards that can be used for things in the home. Home Depot is a great one because they seem to have everything from home improvement items to more fun home items like grills and patio furniture.

It can be very expensive to move, so a gift card is great because the person can make their house look nice without spending their own money!

I Love This Microwave Corn Popper As a Housewarming Gift



I am going to a housewarming party tomorrow night and I can’t wait! My best friend and her husband bought a house two months ago. They are all settled in and it’s already painted and decorated. I give them huge props for this because I moved seven months ago and still have a couple of boxes in the basement. They are expecting a baby in December though, so they have a time limit in which they are trying to get things done. I think I’m most excited to see the nursery!

I got them a little date night movie gift basket and in it is this microwave popcorn popper, a container of popcorn, some fun seasonings, and a couple of great new release movies. I love gift baskets and I have to say that this one is great!

A Fun Bouquet

One of my very close friends is turning 21 years old this weekend. This was hands down my favorite birthday to celebrate. I’m hoping to make it just as fun for her.

I found this great, creative gift that I will be making and giving to her. It’s easy to do and makes a fun gift. All you need to buy is a huge assortment of those 50 mL alcohol bottles that are available for purchase at liquor stores. They’re often called “airplane bottles” or “mini’s” if you need help finding them, you can always ask. You can pick out mini’s according to your friend’s favorite spirits.

With craft sticks, you can attach them to the mini’s. I think I’m going to use a hot glue gun and see if they attach best this way. Get creative with this! It’s a fun gift, and there’s so many different things you can do to make this gift unique and fun.