So You HAVE to Give a Gift Card…

I hate gift cards. I feel like I have made that very clear. I think they are a very last minute gift idea, but the kind of last minute gift idea where its like you did not even try you just stopped at the store on the way to the party. They are impersonal. However, sometimes people really only want gift cards. Whether it is because they do not trust themselves with cash, they are so picky it is just easier for them to get a gift card and shop for themselves, or they live so far away that the shipping costs would exceed the price of the gift itself. Whatever the reason may be you will probably encounter this type of person at some point in your life.

But, just because they only want a gift card does not mean you cannot add a personal touch to it! Who said you had to give the gift card in the crappy little paper envelope it comes in? Well, no one said you had to, so don’t!

I found the absolute cutest way to give gift cards on Pinterest. I wish I would have found this before Christmas! But, oh well, more ideas for next year.


All you need is a mason jar, or some sort of jar like structure, candies, and a gift tag. And, all you have to do is put the gift receivers favorite candy in the jar. The above picture shows M&M’s. Then you stick the gift card in the middle of the candy and place the lid on top. Use the gift tag to write a sweet note, or like the picture above, explain what the colors mean to you. For example, the amount of reds is how much you love them, the amount of blues is how much you think about them etc etc.. I just love how creative this is!


Elf on the Shelf

Now that we have officially passed the hump known as Thanksgiving, we can get to the important things like Christmas. Do not get me wrong Thanksgiving is an important holiday where we can reflect and appreciate the things we already have, and Christmas is the time where we ask for more things.

Funny how the two come right after each other, and by funny I mean ironic.

Now that we are getting into this greedy Christmas season (it should not be but it is) we need a little help with deciphering who is naughty and who is nice. Santa cannot be expected to do all the work!

I never understood what exactly elf on the shelf was. I knew it was for children but I did not get what the hype was about. So I did a little research in case there were others out there just as confused as me.

Apparently Elf on the Shelf started out as a children’s book explaining the accounts of Santas’ Scout Elves. These elves go into children’s homes, watch, and tell Santa if they are being good or not (seems a little creepy to me, but I will go with it). The book comes with an elf to keep on your on shelf, after you have read your children the story.


People can buy the Elf on the Shelf book with Elf included for $29.99, but I have also heard of people making their own. You can find elf on the shelf ideas on Pinterest. The place where you can find everything.

Usually people hide their helper elves on the mantel of the fire place, but they also move them around throughout the Christmas season to show their children that the elves are watching.

Honestly, the concept of inviting someone into your home to spy on your children is a little weird to me, but some people dig it.


Christmas Eve Gift Basket

Okay, I know it has not even been Thanksgiving yet, and believe me I hate when people try to rush the holidays. BUT I saw the best thing on Pinterest today! It was such as cute idea that I could not resist posting it a little early. Besides, it is always good to prepare things early. Christmas is such a big holiday that one must start to prepare as soon as possible or they will miss out!

Besides, this is a really sweet idea.

Christmas Eve Box

Christmas Eve Box

What you do is buy a cute box, bucket, basket, anything you can use to hold a bunch of stuff in at one time. Then you fill it with Christmas pajamas, coco, snacks, a mug, a Christmas move, maybe even a stuffed animal. Next, you decide who you are going to give it to, your: kids, husband, mom, sister, friend, whoever because it is such a good idea people at any age can appreciate it.

Now, do not give it to them right away, wait until Christmas Eve! Make sure everyone you are going to be spending this evening with gets one, or there could be some hard feelings. Have everyone open their box ON CHRISTMAS EVE. Tell them to put on the Christmas themed pajamas, heat up the coco, snuggle that stuffed animal, get the popcorn popping and start watching that movie! It is like a Christmas starter kit! It will get everyone in the mood (like people really need help with that) for the festivities to come! It is also a great way to bond with your family. Since you can customize them, you can give them to anyone on your list. Even your boss!

It is a really inexpensive way to make someone’s day (or night). It is truly the perfect gift for the perfect time of year.

Your Candy Wants To Dress Up Too

In my last post I talked about how to properly decorate for a Halloween party. At the end I mentioned a cute way to dress up chocolate bars for your guests. This got me thinking of different ways to present candy, not just as party favors but for trick or treater’s too! You don’t have to be the only thing dressed up on this holiday.

Pinterest is literally the craft mecca. So, obviously that is where I turned for inspiration. A simple, cheap way that Pinterest suggests to dress up your candy is to put it in a rubber glove! If you read my last post and liked the idea of freezing water in a rubber glove to make a hand in your punch this is a way to use up those extra gloves.

Rubber glove with candy

Rubber glove with candy

Another idea, this time from Woman’s Day Magazine, is to use construction paper to turn candy bars into monsters!I suggested something like this in my last post but this a different version. This time all you need to do is cut up shapes from colored construction paper and tape them to your candy.

Monster Candy BArs

Monster Candy Bars

Finally, something that is slightly more challenging but not that complicated would be to create a pumpkin person out of candy! All you need is orange construction paper, a sharpie, candy, tape, and a Popsicle stick. Just attach the pumpkin head to the Popsicle stick and tape the candy on the front. This example uses and bag of M&M’s for the body and Sixlets for the limbs.

Pumpkin Person

Pumpkin Person


Trick or Treater’s will love getting candy no matter what, but your house will definitely be a memorable one if you dress up your candy a little bit.

This is also a great craft idea if you have kids and want to get them into the Halloween spirit! It’s east and it’s cheap! There’s also minimal mess. It is very toddler friendly.

Super Cute Jewelry Holder



I’ve seen this chevron jewelry holder almost everywhere on Pinterest for as long as I’ve had my account with that site. It’s something that I thought was super cute but never really decided to make. This happens to me a lot… I’ll “pin” something to my “feelin’ crafty” board (if you don’t have Pinterest, this is going to make ZERO sense, sorry) and then won’t ever make it.

Thank goodness for etsy! I can find homemade things on there that are unique and purchase them. For Christmas last year, I got almost all of my gifts from there. It’s a win-win situation, because I can give great gifts that are unique and not available in stores all while saving my own time and effort. Crafts never seem to go “my way”, so I’m glad there are plenty of people out there that CAN do great things!