These Personalized Rings Make Great Gifts for a Wedding Party



Happy New Year to all of my wonderful readers our there. I hope you had a fantastic time bringing in the New Year and are starting off the year 2014 happy and healthy!

I spent the majority of my day on the couch relaxing and trying to recover from staying up a little too late last night. We had people over last night and I’m not used to being up too far past 10 pm!

Laying on the couch gave me plenty of time to do one of my favorite activities: online shopping! I went on Etsy first in search of some personalized gifts for the bride and groom to get their wedding party for a wedding that I am helping to plan. I really like these sterling silver personalized rings and think that the bridesmaids in the wedding would love them! They’re unique and I love the fact that you can personalize them.

Personalized Couple’s Key Dates Wall Art



Even though more and more wedding invitations are disappearing off of the refrigerator, I’m still looking for a couple of great wedding gifts. I usually go by the registry that the couple makes, but sometimes I like to get creative and get them a different gift.

I saw this cute personalized key dates for couple’s wall art on The View and have wanted to order it since. You can really customize this by choosing a size, whether or not you want to frame it, and what color you want. Of course, you also customize the dates and which ones are important to the couple. Don’t feel like you have to go by what these ones are too…you can make whichever you want! If I made one, it would have “first date”, “he asked her”, “we said I do” and “we made a house our home”. I think this is SO cute!

Personalized Shot Glasses Make a Great Gift For Your Wedding Party

Wedding season is here. If you are helping to plan a wedding or you are a bride-to-be or groom-to-be, take note and listen up for this great gift idea. It’s tradition on the night of the rehearsal dinner or groom’s dinner to give each person in your bridal party a gift. It can be hard to come up with something that’s unique, fun, is something that they can use, and won’t break your bank. Weddings are expensive, so you don’t want to go over-budget.

I found the perfect give to give your bridesmaids. They are personalized shot glasses. They are so cute and each person’s initials can be added to the shot glass. You can choose what colors the polka dots and initals should be. You can customize them to each person’s favorite colors. The company will also do this to wine glasses if you’d like to give those to your bridesmaids instead. It makes a perfect gift!


Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Personalized Cookie Jar

It’s finally May! This is one of my favorite months of the year. There is always so many fun things to do and it’s such a busy time of year. May also brings in a fresh breath of Spring and is a reminder that Summer is just around the corner!

When I was growing up and still lived at home, one of my favorite things to do with my mom is bake chocolate chip cookies. She is amazing at it, and although she’s given me the recipe, mine never turn out the same without her. This year for Mother’s Day, I plan on getting my mom a personalized cookie jar. You can fit up to eight names on it, so it is custom to your family for your mom. This jar has an airtight lid so she won’t have to worry about the cookies getting stale…not that they ever last long enough to become stale! They usually get eaten within a day or two 😉