A Great Place for Jewelry in Orange County

I take my jewelry purchases very seriously. Jewelry is something that is work for a long time (if not forever!) and jewelry means a lot to me. I love that I can go to Simone and Son and get just want I want in jewelry.

Simone and Son is a jewelry company based out of Orange County, California (don’t worry, you can shop online if you don’t live in the area!) that is family owned. They have an amazing selection of jewelry; there are many different styles, colors and shapes available. If you don’t find the perfect piece of jewelry for you, they specialize in the custom design of jewelry and can create the ring of your dreams.

Next time you’re in the area and want to find some great jewelry in Orange County,┬ástop in to Simone and Son!

Go to Orange County to Get a Wedding Ring That She Will Love

If you are planning a wedding and it’s time to pick out a ring, look no further. The place to go in Orange County for wedding rings is Simone and Son. They have an amazing selection of jewelry available in many different styles and sizes.

Simone and Son is a family-owned company and they have been in the area for years. They have a great reputation in town and their customers are usually lifelong! We had amazing experiences when going to Simone and Son.

There is a great team of employees that are more than willing to help with your needs and wants. If you don’t find a ring that is exactly what you dreamed of, they specialize in the custom creation of the ring that you want. Check out Simone and Son and see what the buzz is about!