The Best of Of Orange County Jewelry

Simone & Son--Engagement Ring Halo Cut


I have had wedding fever lately. I think it’s because wedding season is now in full swing and I’ve already been to two weddings in the past month or so! It also doesn’t help that I am a frequent Pinterest user and my wedding board is growing by the day.

My dream engagement wedding ring is a halo-style ring. I love all of the detailing that it involves and how these rings can look delicate and detailed at the same time. I found this while browsing around online at Simone and Son.

Simone and Son really has the best of Orange County jewelry. I love that I can find my dream ring there. If I couldn’t though, I know that they specialize in the custom design and creation of jewelry. How great!

The Best of the Best With Orange County Jewelers



Let’s face it: jewelry is the best gift ever! It is a gift that can be given at almost any occasion and celebration. I have gotten jewelry for special anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas, graduation, and more! My favorite was for my wedding. This was the most special day and I love that Simone and Son was there for me for that. They have a fantastic selection of jewelry and I’m so glad that my husband sees that as well!

He said they were so helpful in assisting him in picking out my engagement ring and every piece of jewelry after that. They know him by name by now and are just like a second family to us. I’m so glad to have such a relationship built up with an amazing company that I know will take care of us. They are so knowledgeable and friendly that sometimes I just stop in to say “hi!”. Stop by and visit Simone and Son and you can see for yourself why they are the best jewelers in Orange County! 

Go to Orange County to Get a Wedding Ring That She Will Love

If you are planning a wedding and it’s time to pick out a ring, look no further. The place to go in Orange County for wedding rings is Simone and Son. They have an amazing selection of jewelry available in many different styles and sizes.

Simone and Son is a family-owned company and they have been in the area for years. They have a great reputation in town and their customers are usually lifelong! We had amazing experiences when going to Simone and Son.

There is a great team of employees that are more than willing to help with your needs and wants. If you don’t find a ring that is exactly what you dreamed of, they specialize in the custom creation of the ring that you want. Check out Simone and Son and see what the buzz is about!

Get Her The Ring Of Her Dreams

Okay, this posting is for all the guys out there! Girls, if you find it, casually find a way so that you’re guy will see it.

If you’re ready to pop the question, it needs to be perfect. This may be a challenge, but I hope you’re up for it and ready to face it. A girl has been dreaming of the perfect proposal, engagement ring, and wedding for as long as she can remember. Don’t let her down and make the engagement the evening of her dreams.

First, come up with a great way to propose. One way is not going to work for every woman, so come up with an idea that fits her personality and the relationship that the two of you have. If you’re short on ideas, look here.

When you’re ready, it’s time to get the ring. This is very important because it will be something that she will wear the rest of her life. Everybody will see it and when she sees it she will be reminded of you and the love that you share. There are beautiful engagement rings at Simone and Son in Orange County that will be perfect. They have many different styles so you can pick one that fits her wants and needs. If you can’t find one that is perfect, don’t worry. They specialize in custom ring design so you can come up with the perfect ring for her.


Wedding Rings in Orange County

A wedding is one of the most important events in a person’s life. It’s no wonder that people get so stressed out. They have to plan and pick everything out. A wedding is a huge celebration with family and friends and is a great way to start out a beautiful marriage.

Another great way to start out a beautiful marriage is with a beautiful ring. A ring is so important because it’s symbol of the love and lifetime of happiness with the person you married. It represents everything a marriage is and is a constant reminder worn daily to remind you of the commitment you made to love and honor each other forever.

There is a fantastic jewelry store that carries wedding rings in Orange County. They know the importance of this commitment of a marriage and are committed to making your wedding ring experience perfect. They have a huge selection to match your style. This is a family owned business that’s been around since 1978.