Christmas Eve Gift Basket

Okay, I know it has not even been Thanksgiving yet, and believe me I hate when people try to rush the holidays. BUT I saw the best thing on Pinterest today! It was such as cute idea that I could not resist posting it a little early. Besides, it is always good to prepare things early. Christmas is such a big holiday that one must start to prepare as soon as possible or they will miss out!

Besides, this is a really sweet idea.

Christmas Eve Box

Christmas Eve Box

What you do is buy a cute box, bucket, basket, anything you can use to hold a bunch of stuff in at one time. Then you fill it with Christmas pajamas, coco, snacks, a mug, a Christmas move, maybe even a stuffed animal. Next, you decide who you are going to give it to, your: kids, husband, mom, sister, friend, whoever because it is such a good idea people at any age can appreciate it.

Now, do not give it to them right away, wait until Christmas Eve! Make sure everyone you are going to be spending this evening with gets one, or there could be some hard feelings. Have everyone open their box ON CHRISTMAS EVE. Tell them to put on the Christmas themed pajamas, heat up the coco, snuggle that stuffed animal, get the popcorn popping and start watching that movie! It is like a Christmas starter kit! It will get everyone in the mood (like people really need help with that) for the festivities to come! It is also a great way to bond with your family. Since you can customize them, you can give them to anyone on your list. Even your boss!

It is a really inexpensive way to make someone’s day (or night). It is truly the perfect gift for the perfect time of year.

A Netflilx Subscription is a Great Gift For a Movie Lover

blog-netflixI love watching movies and a lot of my family members share my love of movies. We share a love for comedies, drama, suspense, action, romance, and family movies.

I signed up for a Netflix account a couple of months ago. They offered the first month for free as a trial, so I got to see whether or not I liked it. I did, and will continue to be subscribed for quite awhile! I can watch movies and TV shows on it, simply by streaming from my wi-fi connection.

For a low monthly fee, you can sign up your friends and family as gifts. With a credit or debit card, the fee is taken out of your bank account once a month. The best part is that it can be discontinued at any time. They will love having access to all of these great movies and shows.

A Movie Night Gift Basket is a Great Gift

blog-movie nigth


I love giving people gift baskets. It takes a lot of thought to put together a gift basket and I feel like it’s much-appreciated. I like creating themes with things and not only giving them a singular gift but making an event out of it!

I thought that my sister and her boyfriend would love a “movie night” gift basket. They are both SO busy right now and don’t have a ton of time together. They also are such movie lovers that I know this is something they will like.

The movies “The Internship” and “We’re the Millers” both came out on Blu Ray/DVD recently and I thought this was the first item to put in the gift basket. They’re both HILARIOUS movies with amazing actors and actresses. I also want to include a box of microwavable popcorn, some sweet “movie theater” treats and a bottle of wine!

What are some gift baskets you’ve made in the past?

A Homemade Popcorn Popper for the Microwave


One of my favorite date nights include putting on my favorite pajamas, watching a movie, sharing a blanket  and a freshly popped bowl of popcorn. Call me crazy, but this is so much better than a night out. I love being in my own home with candles burning and our dogs all snuggled up with us.

I found this microwave popcorn popper and know that it’s going to be so much easier to use than the traditional stovetop method. It will save time and prevent a huge mess! It’s easy to clean and store.

I am going to surprise my man with this for our next date night. Since he is always on popcorn duty, he’s definitely going to be excited for this one!

The Best Gift Basket I’ve Ever Made



I love giving gift baskets as gifts. They make for awesome gifts because you are able to combine several gifts into one big present and they all correlate together to form a common theme.

This year for Christmas, I made my brother-in-law and his fiance a gift basket that consists of a “date night”. They have a two-year-old and aren’t able to go out and do the things that they once could. They are both so busy with work and school that I don’t remember the last time they were able to take some time for themselves and have a night out!

In the gift basket, I put three gift certificates. One of these gift certificates was for $40 and is for their favorite restaurant: Applebee’s. The second gift certificate is for $20 for the movie theater in town so they can see a movie together. The third gift certificate is for a “night of babysitting and a sleepover” for their son to come stay at our house for the night so that they can have a night off and enjoy their date. Also included in the gift basket is two bottles of wine and a candle. I can’t wait to see their faces when they open this amazing gift on Christmas morning! They are going to love it!