Titanium Bracelets are Durable and Lightweight!

I am always looking for great gift ideas for members of my family. When it comes to holidays and special occasions, I really feel like it’s better to give than to receive. There is nothing than the feeling I get when a loved one opens a gift and it’s something that they really like and are thankful for.

I found the perfect gift for my guy. He already has a watch and I am wanting to get him a titanium bracelet.  He has a titanium wedding band and a titanium watch, so I am wanting to add to his collection! He loves everything about titanium as a jewelry material and was hinting that he wanted something else that was titanium. This is a great jewelry material because it is both durable and lightweight. He leads such a busy lifestyle that it is important to have jewelry that can stand up to it!

I came across these titanium bracelets and instantly knew that he would love one! I chose this one in particular because it is striking, modern and sleek.

Men’s Jewelry is Great for Him

Men are harder to shop for than it seems! I am in the middle of planning a wedding and we have decided to pick out each other’s wedding bands for the ceremony. This is a tradition in my family. Many couples help choose their own wedding bands, but we feel that it is much more special to have our future spouse pick out the wedding ring.

I found an amazing website that has many different jewelry materials available for men’s jewelry.  They carry tungsten, titanium, black diamond, palladium, cobalt, black titanium, and more! They carry the best rings made out of top of the line materials for a great price. There are many modern-looking rings that are perfect for the modern-day groom. They also have classic rings that many people love as well. I can find the ring that best fits my groom’s lifestyle and I know he will be happy with the one I choose!

What You Should Know About Black Titanium

Black Titanium. Even the name sounds tough and awesome. That’s because it is! Black titanium is becoming fastly popular and is a top choice for men’s wedding bands. There are many great things about black titanium and I’m here to teach you about it!

If you know anything about titanium, you know that it is a very lightweight material. Surprisingly, for being so lightweight it is incredibly strong. Among all of the jewelry materials, titanium has the largest strength to weight ratio meaning that no other jewelry material that is that light is that strong. It’s amazing. Black titanium holds the same characteristic.

Many people like black titanium because it is unique. This is not just a black coating that is applied to the outside of the ring, but rather is formed from the inside out. There are many black titanium rings to choose from to fit your personal style.

Why Tungsten Rings Make a Great Gift


The hardest gender for me to shop for is men. I always have such a hard time coming up with great gifts for men. This is probably because I am a woman and don’t have the best point of reference. I have gotten better over the years and get really excited when I come across a gift that I know my man would love.

This is why I can’t wait to share this one with you. He has been hinting lately about how much he would love a right hand ring. He doesn’t wear a lot of jewelry but when he does, he is very picky about it. I know he will love a tungsten ring. Why tungsten rings and not any other kind? It’s because they are incredibly durable. He leads such a busy life with all of his hobbies that he needs something that will be scratch-proof and strong.


Men’s Jewelry Makes a Great Gift

Father’s Day is just around the corner. Do you know what you’re going to give your father? It’s a great day each year to show your father appreciation and celebrate with your family.

This year I’m going to treat my father to titanium jewelry for men. I love titanium because it’s durable. My dad is such a busy man and has so many hobbies that he is always busy. It’s a very durable jewelry material but incredibly lightweight. I also love how modern titanium jewelry looks. It’s a light grey color which looks great! Titanium is hypoallergenic, so it’s the perfect jewelry material for my dad’s sensitive skin. It won’t be harsh and cause skin break down.

There are so many styles of titanium jewelry for men. They carry rings, bracelets, and even more nontraditional gifts such as cuff links and money clips. These are all made of titanium so they all have those great qualities I mentioned earlier.