Fantastic Wedding Gifts at Kohl’s

Wedding season is quickly approaching. I’ve already had a few “save the dates” sent to my house and I’m excited to see the wedding invitations start to roll in.


I always like to get a great gift to start the couple off on their journey in married life. One of my favorite places for wedding gifts is Kohl’s. They have so many amazing things from the home including bath and bedding, small appliances, kitchen and dining, home decor, electronics and so much more.

Right now, Kohl’s is having a great sale. Just through today, they are offering 15% off of ALL things storewide. Simply type in the code LAMB at checkout to take advantage of these savings. Remember, this ends today so make sure you shop now if you’re wanting to cash in on this great deal!

Where are some of your favorite places to get wedding gifts?

Kohl’s Has It All

blog-kohlsI absolutely LOVE shopping at Kohl’s. I shop there for all sorts of occasions from clothes and home goods for myself to gifts for others. I love when I go to weddings and the couple is registered at Kohl’s because I know the store well and almost always have a coupon to use here to save money!

They have things for the home including kitchen and dining items, appliances, decor, bedding, other linen, electronics, and furniture, clothing for men, women, kids, and baby, shoes, jewelry and watches, beauty and fragrance, sports and fitness items and so much more.

Save big by signing up for their e-mail list and sign up for a Kohl’s Charge Card for more savings.


So Many Findings at Kohl’s!

blog-kohlsI think if I had to pick ONE store that was my overall favorite (and this is VERY hard to do because I just LOVE to shop), it would be Kohl’s with Target coming in a close second.

Since I love this store so much, I frequently hop online and check out some of their daily deals. They are always featuring something that can be found either by department or site wide, and is usually exclusive to online shoppers only.

Kohl’s has just about everything you could imagine from clothing to housewares. This is a fantastic place to register for a wedding. Registration is super easy and your guests will enjoy shopping at a place that has such great deals (and sometimes rewards them for shopping with Kohl’s Cash!).

I Can Always Find Great Gifts at Kohl’s






If somebody gets a gift from me, often times it comes from Kohl’s. I love this store and shop here all of the time. I love that I can get clothes, things for the home, shoes, and so much more! It helps that I’m always finding deals (especially with my Kohl’s credit card and frequent Kohl’s Cash that I can spend).

With so many people going off to college, I thought I would check Kohl’s out and see what they have for dorm gear. Of course, they didn’t disappoint! I found a ton of great things and I love it all. It all makes me wish that I was 18 again and going to live in the dorms.

These are my three favorites pictured above: a comfy study chair, awesome storage for small spaces, and a hamper with a laundry bag that can be easily removed for easy trips to the laundry room!

I’ve Gotten a Ton of Bridal Tea Party Invitations…Now What to Bring?

Wedding season is officially here. I’m super excited! In the past few weeks, I’ve been getting a ton of mail including wedding invitations, bachelorette party invites, and bridal tea party invitations. It’s going to be such a fun summer to be a part of these amazing events.

tea invite

Bridal tea parties are becoming so popular. I’ve never been to one before, but I now have three invitations hanging on the fridge and will be attending them in the next couple of months. I think this is a great way to spend some quality time with the ladies and prepare for the upcoming wedding.

Now it’s time to start shopping for gifts for these great ladies. One of them is registered at Target, one at Bed Bath & Beyond, and one at Kohl’s. Let the shopping begin!