Oh Beer, What Do We Have Here?

So my boyfriends birthday is coming up and I want to get him something that he will like, and more importantly something that he will USE! I think we have all had that problem where you buy a friend or boyfriend some really great knick knack just to have it tossed in the corner never to be looked at again (I’m looking at you, matching puzzle piece necklaces from Things Remembered). Don’t get me wrong, sentimental gifts are greatly appreciated, but they don’t always get as much attention as we expect when we first buy them. This doesn’t mean it wasn’t a good gift idea, and it doesn’t mean your loved one didn’t like it (he did but silly me for thinking he would wear a necklace every day!) It just means you can’t do as much with a knick knack as you could with some sort of craft.

Basically, I want to buy my boyfriend a gift that he will be able to do something with. So what does a gift like that look like? What would be a “manly” craft? These are the questions I was asking myself when I found Mr. Beer Home Brewing! I mean come on, what is more manly than beer? (or Root Beer or cider because Mr. Beer is smart and realizes sometimes, not even the manliest of men like beer)


Mr. Beer Home Brewing Premium Kit

Mr. Beer Home Brewing has different sized at home kits ranging from $54.95 to $129.95. I chose the LBK $54.95 kit not only because it was the cheapest but because it was the smallest and therefore the easiest to have in a college home. This 8 liter kit makes 2 gallons of beer and is perfect for first time users. The Mr. Beer Home Brewing website states that the kit comes with:

• 8 Liter Keg Fermenter & Lid
• (11) 740-mL PET Bottles, Caps and Labels
• Spigot, Washer and Nut
• Can of Hopped Malt Extract (HME)
• Packet of Yeast (Under lid of the HME)
• Packet of No-Rinse Cleanser
• Bag of Carbonation Drops
• Brewing With Mr.Beer® How-To DVD (English, Español, François)
• Detailed Printed Instructions (download)

I can’t wait to give it to my boyfriend and see what he creates!

Cute Home Decor From Etsy



I’m a huge fan on wine. I love to drink it, talk about it, cook with it and even decorate with it. My kitchen has a wine theme and I’m always trying to find cute things to go in it.

I found this adorable wine holder on Etsy (did you know they had home decor? I didn’t!). They have a ton of cute wine storage items that I don’t see in regular stores. I like shopping on Etsy a lot more than going to a franchise store where everything in mass-manufactured and unoriginal.

Look around on here for great gifts for a housewarming party or wedding. You’ll be impressed with some of the great things they have for the home.

These Double Glideware Kitchen Cabinet Organizers Are a Great Addition to Any Kitchen



My kitchen is my favorite room in the whole house. When looking at homes, I always check out the kitchen first and make sure that it is something I like. I will make compromises almost anywhere else in the home when it comes to the things that I want, but when it comes to my kitchen I have a hard time budging!

I came across these double glideware kitchen cabinet organizers and instantly knew that I wanted them. These are perfect for organizing pots and pans while making them easily accessible.

These organizers would make fantastic wedding gifts and would also be a perfect housewarming present. I know a lot of people that would like these and make use out of them. What do you think?

If Your Resolution Includes Organization, Then Check These Out!

Can you believe that Christmas has already come and gone? It seems like there is so much anticipation for the holidays each year between planning, shopping, cleaning, and wrapping and before you know it, it’s December 26th and Christmas won’t be here for another 364 days!

This also means that New Year’s Day is fast approaching. What are some of your New Year’s Resolutions this year? One of mine is to organize my home! I went to my favorite website, Solutions, to look for SOLUTIONS to my storage and organization problems.



I really like these drawer dividers. I have a really wide drawer in my kitchen and I think these would help to  keep it separated.



I also really like this tidy sink caddy for the kitchen sink area. This makes it look SO much cleaner than having these items separated and spread out around the sink.

What are some other things that can be used to help my organization problem? Send the ideas my way!

I Love These OXO Cookie Scoops

blog-cookie scoops


I’ve been on a serious cookie baking spree lately thanks to the holidays. However, I always make sure that I share more cookies that I eat or I won’t fit into any of my clothes by the time the New Year comes around! I like to make platters up of all different cookies and recipes and hand them out to neighbors, coworkers, friends and family.

I was looking online today for some pots and pans as a wedding gift to a friend who is getting married next month and came across this OXO Good Grips Cookie Scoops. I then came to the realization that I didn’t have any cookie scoops! This is a great price and I can’t wait to order these (as well as the wedding gift, I suppose!)

What are some of your favorite kitchen tools to use when baking for the holidays?