Father’s Day Count Down

Fathers day is coming fast! We only have one more week to find something for our dads. I know I blogged about this a little bit ago but most people probably haven’t bought their gifts yet and could use a refresher.

I decided to take a different spin on this. Think of it from a childs perspective. You could always buy something and say that it is from your kid but we all know the truth. Kids can’t exactly log onto the web and order something from themselves and if they can then that kid is dangerous and should be stopped.

So what are some ways kids can give their dads a great gift and it actually mean something?

First of all, if your kids are old enough to at least write you could print out this cute memo that lets the kids fill in the blanks and tell their pops why they love them so.


Even though this seems like more of a mothers day idea, what dad doesn’t want to know why his kids love him? Even if he pretends its lame, look for that glimmer of a tear in his eyes that I know will be there.

Here is another cute idea that lets the kids get a little more “Hands-on” (lol)


Just cover your kids hands in green paint and gently press it on a piece of paper that you have already printed the words “Happy Fathers Day 2015″ (or whatever you want it to say) on. This example creates a tree but you could always do something else too. It puts a nice spin on the old hand to turkey craft from Thanksgiving.

Whatever you choose to do, make sure you celebrate dad! You would not be here without him. Whether you do an at home BBQ with the family or a big sha-bang with the neighborhood just do something!