A Wedding Gift Basket Complete With Wine, Kringle Candles, and Massage Oils

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I’m big into gift baskets. I really like to have a common “theme” in the gifts I give, and what better way than with a gift basket?

Since wedding season is in full swing (see my fridge covered in “Save the Dates” and invitations if you don’t believe me!), I thought it would be perfect to post a great idea for a wedding gift basket.

This is a gift basket for a romantic night in. Since newlyweds often are saving their money for other things such as starting a family or purchasing a home, it’s nice to give them opportunity for a date night in!

For this gift basket, you will want relaxing Maui massage oils, a bottle or two of wine, and plenty of Kringle Candles. Won’t the happy couple love this? I’ve given this gift basket before and it’s been super popular.

A Spa-Themed Gift Basket

Gift baskets are my go-to gift for giving. They are easy to make and it’s always so much fun to get creative and think of the different themes you can think of for the gift basket. I have made cooking gift baskets (with recipe cards, spatulas, dry noodles, an apron, a pot holder, and spices), gardening gift baskets (with gloves, a terra-cotta pot, seeds, a hand shovel, a bird feeder, seed, and a watering can), beach gift baskets (with a towel, sunscreen, a book, headbands, sunglasses, and flip flops).

My latest gift basket was spa-themed. I filled it with bubble bath, body wash, body lotion, a nail file, a face scrub, a wine glass, a candle, and bath salts. It is the perfect gift for someone who you feel deserves a little bit of rest and relaxation!

The best thing about giving gift baskets as gifts is that they can be custom created for the person receiving the gift. You can include a personal touch and they will love it!