I Can Always Find Great Gifts at Kohl’s






If somebody gets a gift from me, often times it comes from Kohl’s. I love this store and shop here all of the time. I love that I can get clothes, things for the home, shoes, and so much more! It helps that I’m always finding deals (especially with my Kohl’s credit card and frequent Kohl’s Cash that I can spend).

With so many people going off to college, I thought I would check Kohl’s out and see what they have for dorm gear. Of course, they didn’t disappoint! I found a ton of great things and I love it all. It all makes me wish that I was 18 again and going to live in the dorms.

These are my three favorites pictured above: a comfy study chair, awesome storage for small spaces, and a hamper with a laundry bag that can be easily removed for easy trips to the laundry room!

The Most Comfortable Bed Lounge Bed Pillow



April is here! This means that Mother’s Day is coming up next month. March sure went fast I need to get a move on with my Mother’s Day shopping. There are many wonderful mothers in my life that I want to show support to: my grandmothers, mother, aunt and a couple of other fantastic women in my life.

My mom is a book worm. She is always at the library checking out books for her book club and personal use. I have gotten her everything from a Kindle to bookmarks in the past and this year, instead of another book, I will be getting her an accessory to support her reading in bed. She reads every night before she turns out the lights and I know she’s going to love this Bed Lounge Bed Pillow. It’s like a small piece of furniture this fits perfectly in bed and provides more support than pillows ever could.


Floating Desk From Best Buy



My daughter is leaving for college next Fall and I don’t know if I am every going to be ready for it. This Spring will bring a ton of events and also some fun! She has prom in April, graduation in May (her graduation party is in the works of being planned) and the start of a summer job at the pool before she moves off to college!

She signed the lease to her apartment last week and we started looking for things to fill it with. It’s a smaller two bedroom apartment, but she really likes her roommate and I think she is really going to like living there. We’ll miss her though!

I found this floating desk while browsing around on Best Buy and this is a perfect spot to do homework yet doesn’t take up a lot of room. She’s going to love this! We’re going to surprise her with it as  one of her graduation gifts. I can’t wait!