Bridesmaids/ Groomsman Gift Ideas!

Wedding season is upon us and while many people worry about what to get the bride and the groom on their special day, the bride and the groom worry about what to get the special people in their lives. I’m talking about bridesmaids and groomsman. Typically, bridesmaids and groomsman are either relatives or close friends of those to be wed. This means you have to get them something nice! After all being in a wedding is a lot more stressful than showing up the day of.

You could go with the traditional necklaces, cufflinks, what have you. OR you could get something a little more unique!

For the bridesmaids, try getting cute, silk, monogramed robes! The girls can wear them the day of while getting ready and they can use them for more than just one day! These satin robes from Etsy cost $35.00 a piece and come in seven different colors.


Another idea that’s less noticeable is to get your bridesmaids jewelry in your wedding colors. So if your colors are coral and navy get them some coral and navy earrings like these ones from Etsy.


This way your ladies can wear them whenever they want but they will still hold a special meaning for them.

I don’t want to generalize the whole category of “men” but they seem to be less picky to shop for than girls. I’m sure some are but the common theme seems to be buy them something beer related and they will be happy. So, going along with this you could get your groomsman some monogramed beer mugs!


The one above is only $10.00

They will use it whenever and probably for more than just beer. But if you are looking for something special try also getting them some monogramed robes! Try avoiding the short, silky ones from above. Unless they’re into that of course!

Personalized Necklaces 2.0

I know I have talked about personalized jewelry before, but that is because it is always so cute and thoughtful! One of my very good friends just had a birthday and my friends and I wanted to make it an extra special day, because why not? One thing to know about my friends and I is that we tend to take our jokes too far. That does not mean people ever get hurt; we are not monsters. It means that we drag out our jokes and go so in depth with them that no one thinks they are funny but us. But, who cares about anyone else?

A perfect example of how we take our jokes too far is that we usually get each other gag gifts for the holidays and special occasions, but they are never cheap $1.00 gag gifts we actually shell out a significant amount of cash when we do it. (significant for college kids is $20.00 by the way)

The gift we got for our friend this year was a personalized necklace.. with her fake nickname on it. Don’t worry she loved it and actually wears it every day so it was not a total waste. It is actually a very cute necklace so I thought I would share it!


You can find this handmade necklace through Best Personalized Jewelry on Etsy. It is brass and plated with 18K gold. It will cost you around $22.00 (plus tax and shipping) and has a maximum of 10 letters. The color options are gold and silver. Your personalized necklace comes in a cute little gift box so it is ready to present as soon as you get it!

No need to worry because if for some reason your friend does not like the gift you can return it in 30 days and get your money back!


Partners in Crime

Do you have that one person in your life that you just absolutely love? The kind of person that has enriched your life so much you cannot imagine how you would function without them? I have that kind of person in my life, she is my best friend. You could say she is my partner in crime ;). Seeing these cute “Partner in Crime” bracelets on Etsy instantly reminded me of her.


These are a cute spin on the classic BFF necklaces. As we get older it seems a little childish to wear a typical BFF necklace, you know the one with the hearts torn in the middle? These partner in crime cuff bracelets are a simple and updated way to carry your best friend around with you wherever you go.

The cuffs are sold by LiveLoveLeaf on Etsy. They are gold plated and handmade and come straight from Los Angeles, California (so you know they are trendy). There is also an option to get them in gun metal, brass, and silver/ rhodium finishes. The cost of the set of cuffs is $32.00 You can select different messages to display when you order the cuffs too. These include:

– Partners in Crime
– Best Bitches
– Best Friends (Partners in Crime)
– Partners in Crime (Sisters @ Heart)
– Here’s to the nights I don’t remember with the friend I’ll never forget
– To remind you that you’re stuck with me for life, and to remind me how lucky I am to have a friend like you. Here’s to another year of causing trouble and raising hell together! Partners in Crime

I personally like the Best Bitches option.

If you have more than one best friend there is an option to get three handcuffs for $48.00 as well.

A new spin on an old classic is never a bad idea!

Gifts for Baby

So my friend is about to have a baby. Like literally, any minute. She’s about to pop. It’s a boy if you’re wondering. I missed her baby shower so I never got her a gift so I was just searching online for some cute ideas and I thought why not share with you lovely folk? Of course I went to my favorite place on the web, Etsy, (it’s literally the best place on earth, you can find anything your heart desires) il_570xN.507339661_ftdj

Anyway, while searching the baby gifts section of Etsy I found this hooded personalized baby towel. It is so adorable and looks so snuggly! It is hand made from 100% velour terry cotton and is 32X32 inches long with a cute littleĀ  gingham blue baby whale at the top. Below the whale is a space to get your babies name embroidered on the towel. Don’t worry, this towel may be blue but it also comes in pink if that is more your taste. The towels are original designs by tinyshunshine and cost $30.00 and are shipped wrapped up with a ribbon from Ohio!

This is a really unique idea for a gift. It’s not just a super soft towel it can also double as a blanket! The hood makes it nice a cozy for baby. You can wrap them up and take them to the beach or bundle them up after a warm bath. These towels are big enough to take your child from baby to toddler so it is a good investment.

I think my favorite thing about this gift is that it is personalized with the babies name. It makes it seem like you really took the time to find the right gift. It will also help the mom with her nesting! I cannot wait to give my friend this gift and see it on the little guy when he finally comes.

Something for the Harry Potter Nerd

Harry Potter Mug

Harry Potter Mug Side 1

Harry Potter Mug Side 2

Harry Potter Mug Side 2

I have to admit I am a more recent coffee fan, but I have always been a Harry Potter fan, and this Harry Potter Espresso Patronum coffee mug combines both of my loves. This is a 10oz mug with a play on the words Expecto Patronum from the Harry Potter books on one side and on the other side it has the outline of Harry Potters famous glasses and scar. This mug is great because it is unisex; you can buy it for a girl, boy, mom, dad, grandma, friend, lover- anyone! Well, as long as they like Harry Potter I guess.

This is a handmade ceramic mug created by GelertDesign coming straight to you from The United Kingdom, and for only $10.70 (plus shipping). It is microwave and dishwasher safe (which is great because I am lazy and there is no way I would hand wash anything) I found this gem on Etsy. Etsy is one of my favorite sites to search for gifts because the majority of them are handmade which gives the gift a personal touch (literally) and they are unique so you know when you buy it there is a fat chance anyone else will have it (insert bragging rights here).

Now, my birthday is coming up so maybe I am posting this in hopes that someone will buy it for me. Yes? No? Come on boyfriend I know you’re reading this! Oh well it was worth a shot, but I love this mug so much I might just buy it for myself!

Who doesn’t love a good mug? Etsy has countless mug options so even if your loved one isn’t a Harry Potter fan you will definitely find something for them on this blessed site. So what are you waiting for? Go out and find your perfect mug!