Everyone Needs An Emergency Preparedness First Aid Kit

I am the type of person that really likes to find gifts for people that they can use. I don’t like to just get people lotions and stuffed animals. I have been running out of ideas lately on things I should be getting for my friends as gifts. The other day my friend got a cut that needed more than just a simple bandaid while she was in the car, and of course she didn’t have one. This gave me the perfect idea that she really needs an emergency preparedness first aid kit for her car! People these days don’t always want to buy the things they may or may not need in the future. People are always about the now, so getting this as a gift for someone seems like a great idea! It may not be the most exciting present they have ever gotten, but I know that when they are in need of their first aid kit, they will be so thankful that I got this for them.

Something else that was great about these first aid kits, was that they have different kinds of kits. They have family kits, trauma kits, adventure sports kits, everything! This was even more great because I also have a friend that does all of that stuff! he is always taking biking trips in the mountains, rafting, anything you can think of, he does it. So, getting one of these adventure sports first aid kits seemed like a great idea for him as well! These first aid kits can and should be owned by everyone!

Pack Cloth Universal Surgical Kit

Pack Cloth Universal Surgical Kit

This Emergency Preparedness First Aid Kit is a Great Housewarming Gift

Outdoor Legacy Gear--Family First Aid


I was always told things growing up along the lines of “always expect the unexpected” or “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail” and “always be prepared for whatever may come your way”. My parents both work at a hospital and see the most unexpected things and know what can happen to different people.

I found this emergency preparedness first aid kit¬†online and ordered one for myself. I realized the other day that I have a lot of odds and ends but don’t have a true first aid kit. This is nice because it’s all in one place and it has a lot of things that I was missing.

I think this would also make a fantastic wedding gift or housewarming present. This is good for everybody to have, whether you’re living alone or you’re a family of eight! Do you have a first aid kit?