Super Cute Jewelry Holder



I’ve seen this chevron jewelry holder almost everywhere on Pinterest for as long as I’ve had my account with that site. It’s something that I thought was super cute but never really decided to make. This happens to me a lot… I’ll “pin” something to my “feelin’ crafty” board (if you don’t have Pinterest, this is going to make ZERO sense, sorry) and then won’t ever make it.

Thank goodness for etsy! I can find homemade things on there that are unique and purchase them. For Christmas last year, I got almost all of my gifts from there. It’s a win-win situation, because I can give great gifts that are unique and not available in stores all while saving my own time and effort. Crafts never seem to go “my way”, so I’m glad there are plenty of people out there that CAN do great things!

DIY Sauce Jars for a Housewarming Gift

kk--DIY jars

I love giving homemade gifts. They are my favorite because they mean so much more, are really inexpensive to make, and are unique. Have you seen any glass storage jars like this in stores?

These are super easy to make. For the next few times you make spaghetti or chicken fettucini alfredo, save the glass jars that the sauces come in. Peel the labels off (I use a little “Goo Gone” as they are sometimes hard to get all the way off).  Purchase glass drawer handles from a craft store (I like Hobby Lobby best, but you can go where you wish!). Use a hot glue gun and attach the drawer handle to the jar.

These are super cute in the kitchen and make for pretty storage of things like noodles, coffee beans, oats, sugar, and more.

A Homemade Mother’s Day Gift


Homemade gifts make the best presents. They are so much more special and meaningful. I’m going to make this project for the special mothers in my life for Mother’s Day. It’s coming up in May already!

I found this project on Pinterest for making homemade decorative candles and there was never a link attached to it, so I had a little experimenting to do to make this.

Here are the instructions:

You will need plain pillar candles. White works best because then you are able to use any color you want for decorating. You will also need a varity of colored permanent markers (this doesn’t work if they aren’t PERMANENT). Gather sheets of wax paper and a hair dryer as well.

Draw a design using the permanent markers on the wax paper, but keep in mind that whatever is written will be BACKWARDS on the candle after the transfer, so if you have any writing that you want to do, make sure that you write it backwards. Wrap the wax paper around the candle as shown in the picture. Make sure it doesn’t slide around! Turn the hair dryer on, and hold 8-10 inches away from the wax paper/candle to transfer the design.

Good Teacher Gift Idea

If you have kids in summer school this year, they probably aren’t happy about it. Who wants to sit in school while all of their friends are playing outside in the beautiful sunshine? It’s probably not fun to be inside learning while everybody else gets to do fun, summer things.

That is probably exactly how teachers feel that teach summer school. They are used to having a break during the summer and when they teach summer school they are unable to have a break.

This is a great gift idea for teachers that are teaching summer school as a thank you at the end of summer classes. All you need is a mason jar, ribbon, alphabet magnets or pieces, and some flowers. Tie the ribbon around the lip of the mason jar and fill it with the letters. Then add the flowers (I would opt for artificial flowers since the flowers will die without water). It’s easy to do and they will appreciate the gesture. This will look great sitting on their desk the following school year!

Cupcake Bouquets Make Thoughtful Gifts

This is a very easy to do gift that is homemade and very thoughtful. Cupcake bouquets are a treat for both the eyes and the mouth–Yum!

Cupcake bouquets are easy to make. First, get a planter pot. You can decorate it if you choose to give it a fun look. You can also buy them in different colors and with designs if you want to save a little time. You will also need tissue paper, 10-12 frosted cupcakes (you can use whichever recipe you wish), toothpicks, and a Styrofoam craft  ball (you can find these at many craft stores). Make sure the ball fits in the top of the planter pot without being too large or too small–measure it before purchasing!

First, place the ball on the top of the planter pot. Then, evenly stick 10-12 toothpicks into the Styrofoam ball about a half inch into the ball. Next, add the cupcakes. You can do this by sticking them onto the toothpicks (this is what holds them in place). The toothpick should not come through the top of the cupcake. If it does, push the toothpick into the Styrofoam ball further and try again. Add tissue paper to the spaces between the cupcakes as shown above and you are done!

This makes a great thank you gift or an “I’m thinking of you” gift.