This Coffee and Espresso Maker is Unlike Any Other

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During this time of the year, I can pretty much always be found with a coffee in my hand. It’s such a busy time that I usually need a little “boost” to get me going in the morning for the day. Let’s face it, coffee isn’t as great in the summer and now that the weather is cooling down it’s perfect!

I found this one touch coffee and espresso maker online while shopping for a waffle maker. Isn’t it weird how things like that happen? You should try going grocery shopping with me sometime and you’ll really see what happens! It’s terrible.

Anyway, this kitchen appliance makes 6 different drinks (including cappuccinos and lattes!) This is a little on the spendier side, but if you count how much money you spend in a year getting a $5 specialty coffee drink every morning, you’ll quickly see how much it costs.

Exam Cram Gift Basket

‘Tis the season of graduations! There are so many graduation parties coming up. Our refrigerator is covered in graduation invites to celebrate with our families and friends. There are a few college graduation parties and several high school graduation parties to attend.

Since I’ve graduated high school and attended college, I feel like I have experience in what a person needs to get through and maybe even love college! It’s important to have the right supplies to get through those late night study sessions when you are cramming for an exam the next day. This is a gift basket idea to give a high school grad going on to college.

You will need to get a “basket”,  or I used a cloth bin from Target. I filled it with: a coffee mug, sunflower seeds, a snack, ibuprofen for stress headaches, note cards, pens, highlighters, a pocket guide to their area of studying, and a handheld game to relieve their mind for a few minutes when they need to take a study break!

This is a cute, creative way to send somebody off to college and is something they can use. You can modify and take off with this idea as much as possible, get creative with it!