Super Cute Girl Toddler Clothes

Naartjie-toddler girl royal rose fall collectionIn a couple weeks, my family and I are celebrating my niece’s 1st birthday. I’m really excited to see my family again, as it’s been such a busy summer that I haven’t seen them since the 4th of July!

I’m still in shock that my niece is already going to be a year old! She will technically no longer be an “infant” and now be considered a toddler! This year has gone by so quickly and it’s been so amazing to be able to watch her grow and learn. She’s already taking a step or two and loves playing with her toys.

I ordered a bunch of girl toddler clothes to give her as a gift. She has a lot of toys already and I figured that with how quickly she’s growing, her mom will appreciate them! I love this fall collection and think it’s super cute. I had a hard time deciding what to get out of them all!

I Love the Buckle

blog-buckelThe Buckle is a store that I know that I can always find something that I love. They carry some amazing clothes, shoes, accessories, and other fun things. I can get the most basic of tank top for layering here, to the best, top-of-the-line pair of jeans and everything in between.


The Buckle has many new arrivals for the school year. They don’t tend to run a lot of sales, but if you’re looking for ways to save money (since the clothes here can add up quickly), you can always use a punch card. You get a “punch” on your card for every $10 you spend. When you get to 30 punches, you can redeem the card for $10 off of your purchase. You can also sign up for a Buckle credit card for a percentage off of your purchase every time you use it.


I Love Francesca’s!

blog-franI found a boutique that I love when I was shopping the other day. I have to admit that I tend to just stick to what I know and I don’t really adventure out too far when it comes to shopping. I try to, but then I go back to my “usual” places.

Recently, I was walking to one of my favorite stores when another boutique-style store caught my eye. It’s called Francessca’s and they have the cutest things for women! They have an awesome selection of dresses including maxi dresses, casual dresses, formal dresses, and everything in between. They also have skirts, tops, sweaters, jewelry, denim, jumpers, accessories and so much more. These things make great gifts for others or yourself!

A Gift Card to Charlotte Russe is a Perfect Gift for a Teen Girl

blog-chaWhen it comes to shopping for teenage girls, I have to admit that I’m a little bit clueless. It’s been quite awhile since I was a teenage girl, and what I was into at that age is different than what the girls these days find cool. Do I age myself when I use the phrase “these days”? Whoops!

I like to “play it safe” when it comes to giving gifts to teenage girls. I choose a popular store and purchase a gift card or gift certificate. Charlotte Russe is a store that has a great variety of clothing for juniors. They have jeans, tank tops, shirts, blazers, leggings, dresses, shoes, purses, jewelry, fragrances, skirts, and so much more.


I Want These Adorable Cowboy Boots From Country Outfitter!

blog-cbI have a new obsession and it’s western boots. These are SO comfortable and look great with so many different outfits. I love that I can wear boots like this with a sundress or jeans.

I found a website that’s full of great western boots. It’s called Country Outfitter. Not only do they have amazing western boots (like these adorable Corral boots) but they also have super cute western-style women’s and men’s clothes as well as a decent selection of kid’s clothes. They have other kinds of shoes in case cowgirl/cowboy boots aren’t your style as well as belts, handbags, hats, and so much more. Country Outfitters offers free shipping on all orders over $49, so take advantage of this offer.

Are you into the western look or is this something that you can live without?