Relax A Little

Life is super stressful. I know personally I have a million different things to do a day and each of them go in a different direction. If we break it down, I’ve got two blogs (which I love running), a job in a cosmetic department, a social media internship and on top of all that, a Spanish class. By the way I have never taken Spanish a day in my life so that has proven to be the most difficult. Needless to say I am always busy and when you are always busy you can get a little stressed. I feel like I never have time for anything. I know a lot of people feel this way too. So, how can we calm ourselves down and just relax for once so we don’t go completely crazy?

The first step is to set aside time for yourself. No matter how busy you are you need to set aside time for yourself, even if it is just for 10 minutes. Sometimes I go on a run to clear my head, but sometimes I am too lazy to do that.

This is where the Lavender Relaxation Gift Box comes in. It comes with scented shower gel, a moisturizing bath bar, body butter, body lotion and body mist, a loofah, Hemingway tea, English Tea Cookies and a Ghirardelli Chocolate bar.

Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 9.28.35 PM

This gift basket comes from for $69.99 and it will help ease all of your stress. This would be the perfect thing to get yourself if you feel like you need a treat or you could give it to someone who really needs to calm down for once. Either way this basket will be appreciated. Drink that tea and it those cookies, then polish off that chocolate bar. Go on, you deserve it! As they say, treat yo’ self.