Say No to Cold

It is cold. It is so cold that even the inside of buildings are cold. No amount of heat seems to keep the cold out! This is all fine and dandy if you are at home and can cuddle up into a blanket in your bed but when you are stuck in your office with nothing but a flimsy cardigan to protect you, you are in danger of being SOL. But, fear not! There are ways to make your office cozy and warm, it will be so cozy and warm that you will no longer have to worry about the cold. Your new problem will be staying awake in this snugly environment.

The number one thing that warms me up in a cold office environment is a cup of Joe, but let us take that a step further. Get your hands on (literally) this Toasty Mug! It is literally a mug that warms your hands as you sip on a hot beverage. It can be yours for around $50.00 (or $34.00 Euros).

Toasty Mug

Toasty Mug

While we are on the topic of hand warming, why not bring up these USB Heated Fingerless Gloves? These babies will warm your palms as your phalanges furiously type away on your computer. Fingers are very important in the office. You can protect them for $11.99

USB Warming Gloves

USB Warming Gloves

Moving on to other chilly body parts, try this Lava Buns Heated Seat Cushion to warm your tush. There’s nothing worse than cold buns. And I’m not talking about the ones you find at the BBQ. So do your butt a favor and invest in this reusable heated seat cushion for your desk chair for $26.98. Your derriere will thank you.

Lava Buns

Lava Buns


If you need more office warming ideas check out this BuzzFeed article 21 Products You Need To Actually Stay Warm In Your Freezing Office. You’re welcome!

Book Lover’s Rejoice!

I know it is cold right now, but the only thing that is getting me through this whether is thinking about the warm summer months to come. And nothing is more relaxing than laying on the beach reading a book. However, nothing is more irritating than getting the book wet from your day at the lake. Or even worse trying to find a comfortable position laying on your stomach yet trying to keep your pages flat. When that does not work you flip over to your back and try to read while holding the book above your head but then the sun gets involved and you cannot see.

This is why anyone who enjoys a good read, not only on the beach but in any situation, needs the transparent book weight or as it is called on the website, the Book on Book.



All you have to do is lay the transparent cover over the page you are reading. You will be protected from liquids and wind wherever you bring your beloved literature.

One thing that sketches me out about this product is that it ships from Japan, even though it ships worldwide I have just never ordered anything from over seas. The book on book is the 6,490 Yen, which is about $55.40. It is kind of expensive but if you really love book and you are always reading, which mean you are always harming your books, it will be worth it.

There is nothing worse than checking a book out of the library and damaging it. You will always get dirty looks from librarians and will probably have to pay a small yet annoying fine.

This product and other geeky doodads can be found though this buzzfeed article 19 Insanely Clever Gifts You’ll Want To Keep For Yourself.

Bookends With a Suprise

I am always looking for ways to make my house look like I copy and pasted  it directly from an interior design catalog, but I am by no means Martha Stewart. If there was an equivalent to a green thumb for designing, I would be the opposite (I believe red is opposite green on the color wheel). My ideas always fail miserably.

That being said when I come across something that I cannot possibly mess up I jump on it! My latest obsession is with these terracotta bookends.

Terracotta Book Ends

Terracotta Book Ends

Not only are these bookends cute and will add a certain touch of style to your home (and your miniature library you’ve been harboring on your shelves) they also double as a vase. Yes, you read that right A VASE! These beauties are pulling double duty!

I came across these bookends while I was on Buzzfeed reading 16 Gifts For Your Favorite Book Lover Under $26 Each because I am always on the hunt for unique gift ideas! These Terracotta Book Ends/ Vases are from Elizabeth’s Embellishments located in Lafayette, Colorado. But fret not she does ship, but only in the continental United States. If you spend over $100 its free otherwise its $7.95 so, pretty standard for online purchases.

These Bookends are $20.95 and come in two colors. Either white and teal or orange and yellow. They are 8 1/4″ tall by 3 7/8″ wide by 6″ deep. The picture above shows the two options cuddling some brown books. The only downside is that they are sold individually so if you want two bookends you do end up spending around 40 bucks.

But Elizabeth is not only a bookend craftswoman, she has plenty of other gift and home options on her site including clothing for women and children, furniture, bedding, candles, cleaning products, and paper and ribbon! Check out her site :)