Great Selection of Children’s Clothes at Gymboree

blog-gI always have difficulty finding great children’s clothes. It’s difficult to find clothes that are cute and reasonably priced. I have a hard time spending a lot of money on clothes that tend to get ruined at daycare, eating messy foods and drinking colored beverages, or playing outside. Let’s not forget just how quickly kids grow and how one day something can fit them perfectly find and the next day it will be way to small (or so it seems).

I found some great sales at Gymboree. They have super cute kids’ clothing, so I don’t have to worry about breaking the bank on clothes that you never know how long will last due to messes and growth spurts! Right now, everything for baby is up to 50% off the original price. There are so many more great deals that you have to hop over and check them out!

A Great Maternity Gift Basket

blog-maternity gift basket


So you just found out that a close friend of yours is expecting a baby. How exciting! Now what to get her? Most of the gifts from here on out will be for the baby, so it’s nice to get something for the couple.

I’m a huge fan of gift baskets. To go in it, I recommend some cocoa butter for stretch marks, Preggie Pops (they help get rid of nausea), a cigar for dad to celebrate like in the old times, a couple of coffee mugs for the parents (Sharpie marker written on a white coffee mug, baked in the oven at 350 degrees for 30 mins will keep the writing and mug design), a box of saltines to help with nausea as well, as a pregnancy book!


100 Wishes Quilt

A “100 Good Wishes Quilt” is a tradition from Northern China. When a child is born, they celebrate with a colorful “Bai Jia Bei” (which means 100 good wishes quilt). The traditional Northern Chinese quilt is made of cloth contributed by the baby’s family and friends. It is said that the quilt contains good fortune, energy, and loving wishes.

I found a site in which I can purchase this quilt for a family that we’re close friends with who is expecting a newborn shortly! Her due date was yesterday, so I’m ordering it today! The quilt that I found is gorgeous and made of 100% cotton, which is best for the baby’s skin. The colors are adorable as well. You can purchase the quilt in coral pink or teal blue. The 100 well-wishing messages are silk screened onto the quilt. You can pay extra and have it embroidered for a personal effect. The quilt also comes with a rod so the family can choose to use it or choose to hang it up on the wall and use as a wall decoration.

A Bottle Sling is a Perfect Baby Shower Gift



I have a baby shower to attend in February and I can’t wait for it! My cousin is due in March, and she found out last month that she is having a baby BOY! It’s going to be a super fun shower with lots of great food and fun games.

As a gift, I am getting her a huge basket of all things that are useful for little ones. I’ve decided to put items in it that mom’s don’t always think of. They are things that I didn’t think of until we had our child. One of my favorite items in the gift basket is a bottle sling from BEBE. If you are expecting a child or have a baby shower to attend, I highly recommend this product. It saves so much time and prevents germs from getting all over baby’s bottle. This sling holds the bottle which is great for keeping the bottle in the car seat instead of on the floor!

Bottle Sling for Babies

If you have any little ones at home, you know just how hard it can be for them to keep things in their little tiny hands. Sometimes it can turn into some sort of a game when baby throws an item on the floor and giggles every time you pick it up. When the little ones decide to do that in the car with a bottle, it can be very dangerous and make for a long car ride if the bottle falls on the floor and you are unable to stop to pick it up.

This Bebe Bottle Sling is a great product to give somebody that is expecting a baby and also makes a good gift for a baby shower or a family that just had a newborn. The bottle sling can be hung on the handle of the car seat and makes it impossible for the bottle to fall. This makes a much safer car ride, the baby is much happier, and the bottle stays much cleaner!