Mother’s Day is Around the Corner

This year Mother’s Day is May 10; It is coming up fast. If you love your mother, and you should, then you will want to get her something nice. After all, she did create you. Mother’s Day (and Father’s Day) is such a wonderful idea. Dedicating a day to celebrate mom for all she does for you. This got me thinking, who came up with Mother’s Day?

Many countries around the world celebrate mom, but the American version of Mother’s Day came around in 1908 from the mind of Anna Jarvis. It became an official holiday in 1914. Over 100 years of celebrating mom!


Now that we know a little background for this special day, it is time to start thinking of ways to honor mom. You could always go with the traditional flowers, candy, and a card but that is boring. Even though mom would still appreciate it. If you are a kiddo, or you do not have a lot of money, you could always make something. My mom would always love when I made her something, whether it be a clay imprint of my hand or a picture frame. However, I am 22 and I do not think my mom wants a macaroni portrait from me.

When I was a teenager my mom and I would always buy flowers and garden all day on Mother’s Day. It is a nice gift and a nice way to spend time with your mom. If your mom does not have a green thumb you could always go for a really nice family portrait. I am not talking about going to Sears studio and having a teenager take your picture in front of a black back drop. I am talking about having a professional photographer come over to your house and take a nice professional shot of the family. After all, your mom is only a mom because of you. Why not capture a moment with the family forever? Bella Rose Photography offers a one hour on location photoshoot through LivingSocial. It only costs $143.00


It’s April FOOLS

SO today is April first, otherwise known as April Fools Day. Today is the only day where you can be a jerk to your friends and they wont hate you (maybe, depending on what you do to them). This holiday may seem like it is only for kids who go and ring doorbells and run away, but even if you are in your 20s (or 30s, or 40s….) you can still prank your friends for a good laugh. Just do not take it too far. So here are some of my favorite, somewhat harmless April Fools prank ideas.

You could go the childish route today and put plastic over your toilet (as long as you clean up the mess of course). This would probably work best really early in the morning or really late at night when people are too tired to notice little details like, you know, the toilet being completely covered in plastic.

Speaking of plastic, I always found it funny in high school when people plastic wrapped their friends cars. This is where you take a bunch of plastic wrap and completely wrap the car so they cannot open the doors. Feel free to write insults on the plastic wrap for added fun!

If you are really viscous and want to cause real damage (which, I do not condone so how about you do not do it) you could put bologna slices all over your friends car. The bologna rips the paint off, which begs the question “What the hell is bologna made of if it can rip off paint?” Oscar Meyer has some explaining to do…

A more harmless way to ruin your friends car would be to cover it in post-it notes. Do not quote me but I do not think post-it notes destroy paint. Again, feel free to write insults!


For more prank ideas look here.

A New Spin on a “Depressing” Day

Ah Valentines day, a day for couples. A day for romance. A day to make singles feel bad? No. I refuse to let a little day make me feel bad for not having someone. I recently went through a breakup and everyone is expecting me to send myself chocolates and lay in bed all day and cry, but I refuse. I refuse to waste a Saturday on being sad because “I don’t have someone.” I have a lot of someones. I have a lot of friends, and some of those friends are single as well. Valentines Day is about celebrating love, well who says that love is supposed to be romantic? I love a lot of people and I want to celebrate them.

So instead of moping around this Saturday I will be working on some creative gifts for friends. Here are some of my ideas:

  1. Who says valentines are just for little kids? Maybe I want to buy those Frozen valentines and give them out to my friends too! On top of that Walmart sells $1.00 boxes of chocolate. Why not have a cute little valentines party like we did when we were kids?
  2. Or how about a friendship necklace? Why not have a constant reminder that the person you love will always be with you? Even if its just as friends. Just buy little cheesy ones from Claire’s!
  3. If you want to get really into Valentines Day why not create a candy bouquet? All you really have to do is find a cute glass, stuff it with some holiday inspired candy! Check out this example I found on Pinterest


No matter how you decide to celebrate Valentines Day just make the most of it! If you are in a relationship go all out! It is a day made to appreciate each other, but if you are not in a relationship do not let anyone make you feel bad! Celebrate with your friends because at the end of that day they are the ones that will always love you.

Steel Ice Cubes

Don’t you hate it when you pour yourself a drink and its Luke-warm? So then you add some ice thinking your problems will be solved but you end up just end up creating more problems for yourself? Yeah, I hate that too. Even if you chill your alcohol before pouring it you risk it getting warm if you do not drink it fast. And everyone knows a nice whiskey is better sipped than chugged. There is nothing worse than a watered down drink. You do not spend money on alcohol just to have it all go to waste. This is why you need these steel ice cubes.


They come in a pack of four for only $25.95. You can get them from the website Cool Material

These sleek one inch stainless steel cubes work because they have a non-toxic gel inside them that helps keep your drink cool. This would make a perfect addition to any bartender, boozey, or all around alcohol snobs collection.

For those of you who use whiskey stones, don’t. Just stop it. Whiskey stones absorb your alcohol because they are porous. Whereas these stainless steel ice cubes do not. I literally cannot think of any reason not to buy these little guys! Buy a couple packs for your parties or buy one just for you.

Pair these cubes up with a sleek looking glass and you’ve got the perfect present for under the tree. Or, leave them by themselves and use them as a stocking stuffer.

Not into the squares? Cool Material has steel whiskey balls as well. They are made in the USA, come with a pair of tongs and a pouch, and are made from the same quality steel as the steel ice cubes. These ones are slightly cheaper at the price of $24.95. Whatever shape you prefer check these out before they are all gone!

PowerCurl Wrap- an Organizational Life Saver

I have a thing of gadgets. The kind of gadgets that are strange, or quirky in a way yet at the same time incredibly helpful. The kind that make you say “I wish I would have thought of that.” I just had one of those moments when I saw this, the Mac PowerCurl for Mac Wrap from Quirky


The idea seems so simple. So simple that it is almost stupid, but it is those simple somehow idiotic ideas that make the most money. This is something you never think you need until you see it. You may not realize that your lose computer cord bothers you. All those times you’ve tripped over it, all of those times you had to bunch it up just to travel, or even walk to another area in your own house, never seemed inconvenient. It just seemed like the way of life.

And then the PowerCurl for Mac Wrap comes into your life and you question how you ever lived without it. Now crumpling up your charger and shoving it into you backpack or briefcase seems wrong. You now realize that tripping over your charger is not just inconvenient it is dangerous. So why not spend the $5.00 and make your life easier?

Not only is the PowerCurl for Mac wrap life-saving and cheap, it is stylish. The PowerCurl for Mac comes in five eye-catching colors: Teal, lime green, hot pink, black, and grey. It comes in different sizes so every Mac owner, whether it be MacBook, Mackbook Pro, or MacBook Air, can have one (sorry PC, maybe your day will come).

The PowerCurl for Mac Wrap saves you a lot of desk space, keeps your cord from tangling, and saves you packing time. You can get from A to B a lot faster now that your cord is pre-wrapped. Whether you are someone who values organization or not this gizmo is a necessity.