A Great Housewarming Gift: A Basket With a Bottle of Wine, WoodWick Candles, a Pack of Nails/Screws and a Hammer!

I’ve moved plenty of times in my life. I could provide plenty of moving tips to anybody that wanted to know!

From time to time, our close family and friends or new neighbors would bring us a housewarming gift. What a sweet gesture! I thought I would pass along the kindness to our new neighbors.

I put together a small gift basket of things that are both useful and fun.

First off, a bottle of wine to celebrate. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg, but just a bottle that’s nice to drink.



Second would have to be WoodWick Candles. These can make a home feel so cozy, especially for a house with things that aren’t all the way unpacked.


the lamp stand-fall woodwick candles


Lastly, a pack of nails/screws and a hammer are perfect. There is going to be PLENTY of things that need to be hung on the wall. These are go-to tools, and even if the new neighbors already have these, it never hurts to have more!


blog-hammer and nails



The Best Gift Basket I’ve Ever Made



I love giving gift baskets as gifts. They make for awesome gifts because you are able to combine several gifts into one big present and they all correlate together to form a common theme.

This year for Christmas, I made my brother-in-law and his fiance a gift basket that consists of a “date night”. They have a two-year-old and aren’t able to go out and do the things that they once could. They are both so busy with work and school that I don’t remember the last time they were able to take some time for themselves and have a night out!

In the gift basket, I put three gift certificates. One of these gift certificates was for $40 and is for their favorite restaurant: Applebee’s. The second gift certificate is for $20 for the movie theater in town so they can see a movie together. The third gift certificate is for a “night of babysitting and a sleepover” for their son to come stay at our house for the night so that they can have a night off and enjoy their date. Also included in the gift basket is two bottles of wine and a candle. I can’t wait to see their faces when they open this amazing gift on Christmas morning! They are going to love it!

College Survival Kit

Can you believe that August is already here? The months of June and July have flown by! This month, many new high school grads will be heading to college for the first time. If you want to send a new college student off to school with a gift that is useful, make them a gift basket.

Gift baskets are my favorite gift to give. I love them because they can be personalized and share a common theme. They are fun to make and it is very easy to add your own personal touch to a gift basket.

For a college student gift basket, I would start with a laundry basket. It is used to hold the rest of the gifts together and they can use the laundry basket for their dirty clothes. You can line the bottom with bath towels and add anything that you think a college student would use: quarters for the coin-laundry machines, a few easy-to make foods (Ramen Noodles, Spaghetti-O’s, cereal, etc), some school supplies (pens, erasers, paper clips, highlighters, etc), a shower caddy to keep the shower accessories organized, and whatever else you can think of!

A Spa-Themed Gift Basket

Gift baskets are my go-to gift for giving. They are easy to make and it’s always so much fun to get creative and think of the different themes you can think of for the gift basket. I have made cooking gift baskets (with recipe cards, spatulas, dry noodles, an apron, a pot holder, and spices), gardening gift baskets (with gloves, a terra-cotta pot, seeds, a hand shovel, a bird feeder, seed, and a watering can), beach gift baskets (with a towel, sunscreen, a book, headbands, sunglasses, and flip flops).

My latest gift basket was spa-themed. I filled it with bubble bath, body wash, body lotion, a nail file, a face scrub, a wine glass, a candle, and bath salts. It is the perfect gift for someone who you feel deserves a little bit of rest and relaxation!

The best thing about giving gift baskets as gifts is that they can be custom created for the person receiving the gift. You can include a personal touch and they will love it!

Barbeque Boss Gift Set for Your Dad

Father’s Day is literally just around the corner. In fact it is tomorrow. I feel like a very bad daughter because I have yet to get my father a gift for Father’s Day. Life just gets to busy sometimes that it’s hard to stay organized! You would think that I would be on top of my game more.

Luckily, I work this weekend and we are having a Father’s Day supper with my whole family next weekend. Even though Father’s Day is tomorrow, I have a whole week to get him a great gift.

I came across this and it just screamed his name. This is the perfect gift for my dad. He loves to be outside and cook on the grill as much as possible. I saw this Barbeque Boss Gift Basket and instantly knew he would use it all of the time. It has sauces, cedar planks and seasoned skewers that will make any ordinary meal taste extraordinary!