Picking the Perfect Fragrance

Whether you are shopping for your mother, grandma, or even your dad fragrances are a popular option for everyone. Perfumes or colognes everyone wants to smell good. But did you know the same fragrance can smell different on different people? It has to do with the PH balance of your skin and since everyone is different, everyone’s PH is different. Other things can affect smell too such as temperature, diet, lotions and even having a hangover can change the smell of your perfume!

So how can you pick a perfume that smells good on you? Obviously visiting a counter and physically testing the perfume on your skin is the best option, but if you are busy and are looking for something online you can take this handy quiz from Total Beauty called What’s Your Fragrance Personality?

I took the quiz and I got floral scents as my fragrance personality, “The best scent for this romantic, sensitive and sweet personality would be a bouquet of complementary florals, sure to woo even the most fickle of noses. Look for familiar notes like magnolia, jasmine, rose and lily. For the more fresh-minded, keep it light with a hint of lavender or a fresh, herbal top note. For those with a hidden sultry side, pick up a fragrance with a bottom note of amber, wood, musk or vanilla.”

So, if you are like me and floral is your thing try Daisy by Marc Jacobs


Daisy has notes of violet leaves and wild strawberries. It is very fresh and light. A 3.4 oz bottle of this perfume costs $94.00

If that does not sound delicious to you try Poppy Flower by Coach.


It smells citrusy with a dash of peonies, jasmine and rose water.

My favorite scent has to be La Vie Est Belle (or life is beautiful) by Lancôme.


It smells of iris!

How To: Be Your Own Kanye West

And I am not talking about becoming a hit selling rapper. We all know Kanye and “cocky” go hand in hand, but he kind of has a point. He is his own biggest fan!

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 2.55.53 PM

I’m not saying being cocky is a good thing but we could all stand to take a lesson from Kanye and be a little more confident. So here are some tips on how to do just that. Let’s channel our inner Kanye Wests!

  1. Exercise: but not so that you have the best body in the world. Don’t focus on how exercise will make your body look, focus on how it makes you feel. Lets take a tip from Elle Woods:
    Exercise does increase your endorphins and your endorphins are responsible for your happy emotions. When your happy you tend to feel better about yourself.
  2. Fake it: Until you make it. It may sound cliche but honestly just telling yourself you are happy and confident can change your whole attitude. It may not happen right away but try using “I’m happy and confident” as your mantra. Repeating it daily, even multiple times a day, will make you believe it.
  3. Surround yourself with positive people: Negativity is contagious. When you are constantly around negative people who always put themselves down, you’ll start to do the same. I’m not saying drop your entire friend group but if there is a toxic friend in your life try distancing yourself from them. And anytime a friend puts themselves down in front of you try talking to them about it. Positivity is also contagious, after all.
  4. Never compare yourself to others: You will always be you. You will never be anyone else, and constantly comparing yourself to what other people have/ are/ do will never end well. It sucks to see people achieving greatness when you don’t see it in yourself, but you have to remember what you do well. Compare you to you.

For more tips check out this article!

Spoon Me

I have been seeing spoon jewelry everywhere. They are really cute and the fact you make them yourself makes them really special. You can make them for fun or to remember a loved one. I have a friend who recently lost her grandmother and as a way to keep her close at all times she took one of her spoons and made a ring out of it.

So if you have an antique spoon, or just a broken one you do not use anymore, here is how you can recycle it into some unique jewelry!


You will need the following tools: a hammer, pliers, a file, a socket wrench that is the same size as your finger, wire cutters or tin snips, tape or cloth (to measure), a heavy piece of fabric, and most importantly, a spoon with a decorative handle. The handle does not have to be decorative, you could just make a simple silver ring, but having a decorative one is way cooler. You could also use a fork instead of a spoon.

First what you need to do is measure that socket size with some tape or cloth and cut the spoon/ fork using the tin snips or wire cutters to match this length.

Next, use the file to smooth out the edges.

Then, this is the hardest part, take the spoon and lay it over the socket. Use a heavy piece of fabric to cover the spoon and prevent scratches. Take the pliers and bend the spoon around the socket.

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 10.54.57 PM Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 10.55.05 PM

Take the hammer and tap the end together.

Now you have a spoon ring!

This last step is optional, but I recommend doing it especially if your ring is older. Polish it! Buff it first using a buff wheel and then polish it with tarn x.

Mother’s Day is Code for Brunch

No matter what you are doing on May 10th, it will probably involve your mom and some brunch. Brunch is synonymous with Mother’s Day. I do not have any hard statistics but I am going to guess that 90% of Mother’s Day celebrators will be participating in the brunch epidemic. Mimosas for everyone! Since Mother’s Day Brunch is a very real thing, most places will be packed. Unless you are ~fancy~ enough to make a reservation you will have to go with the luck of the draw and wait for a table at most places. Waiting is annoying and noisy. You could try to get there early or at an awkward time when there is a lull but why plan your day around such a stressful notion? Brunch rules but it does not rule everything. This Mother’s Day, try having a homemade brunch! It is like taking breakfast in bed to a new level.

Go the whole nine yards. Set the table, use the good china, make mom feel special! Here is my ideal brunch at home scenario.

The weather is warm, the deck is filled with flowers, and the umbrella on the table is up blocking the hot sun rays à la this Santa Maria Outdoor 7 Piece Dining Set from Overstock.com.

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 6.41.36 PM


It’s $1,375.99, which is pricy but remember this is just an ideal scenario.

I would set the table with lilacs, which is my moms favorite flower. They are beautiful and have a great smell!www.PaintingsGallery.pro_Valevskaya_Valentina_Lilac_Bouquet_large_226252

For the main dish I would look to Martha Stewart, the ultimate homemaker (and bad bitch). Her site, Martha Stewart , provides a mouth watering recipe for Ham and Egg Crepe Square 


Just look at it, I am restraining myself from licking my screen!

And finally, what is brunch without a few mimosas? They are easy to make, just add a little champagne to your morning orange juice et voila!


Happy day!

Wedding Season is Almost Here

Yes wedding season is upon us. People are getting engaged, and families are forming. But with wedding season comes another season, more interesting season (in my opinion.) Yes this time of year is for more than just “I do’s.” It is for Bachelorette parties.


Bachelorette parties are a right of passage for every bride. It is a time where you can get together with your girls and have a night to remember (or not remember depending on the alcohol content). Obviously the ideal spot for bachelorette parties is Vegas. It has strippers, alcohol, and buffets, but not everyone can afford the ideal party spot, especially when there are wedding expenses coming out of your tushy!

Just because you cannot afford Vegas does not mean you cannot have a kickass bachelorette party on a budget!

First of all, it is a bachelorette party. It is your job to be loud and obnoxious and make sure everyone in the room knows why you are there. Come up with a group outfit, whether you make your own t-shirts or you all wear black make sure you look the part. Deck the bride out in white, and top her off with a vail! It is her day, all eyes should be on her.

What is a bachelorette party without a few naughty games? A fun way to celebrate would be to email the groom some questions and quiz the bride at her party. When she gets an answer wrong she has to drink, if she gets it right you have to drink. Make sure to throw some dirt ones in there like “Where is the craziest place you have ever had sex?” and “What is your favorite position?” It would not be a bachelorette party without making a few people blush.

For more exciting ideas look at Cosmopolitans article, 12 Kickass bachelorette Party Ideas and Games.