So Many Great Finds at Bath and Body Works

blog-bandbI love shopping at Bath and Body Works. They have a great selection of hand soaps (both foam and traditional), body wash, bubble bath, body spray, perfume, candles, lotion, body cream, room sprays, sanitizers, aromatherapy products, and plenty of gift ideas for both yourself and others.

Right now, Bath and Body Works is having a great sale. They are offering hand soaps at just $3 (with adorable fall sleeves to put them in for $7.50), free shipping (TODAY only) for $1 on any order over $25, 3-wick candles for $12 (normally priced at $20 each), and up to 75% off of sale items.

I am super excited to check out some of the new fall scents and stock up for my favorite season of the year!

McCall’s Candles Make a Great Housewarming Gift

Housewarming parties are so much fun! I love getting together to see the host’s new home and celebrate a new step in life together. There’s always a lot of great food to eat and it’s fun to get together with people that you haven’t seen in awhile.

I always look for a great gift to bring to a housewarming party. Sometimes it can be hard to choose when you don’t know how they are decorating their new home. I feel like giving the gift of a candle is always a safe choice. This is something that can match any decoration scheme and can be used or placed in any room in the house.

McCall’s Candles are always a safe choice when it comes to purchasing a candle. These have a classic rustic look that’s unique and the scents available never cease to amaze me!

Turkey Glass Tealight Holder

Yes, I realize that it is not even Halloween yet. I am one of those people that is always about one or two holidays ahead of everybody else. I like it that way! I have so much fun building up anticipation for the holidays.

If you are going somewhere for Thanksgiving this year, it is a great idea to thank the hostess (because let’s face it–you got lucky and got out of cooking and cleaning for everybody!). I like to thank the hostess with a little gift. I found these super cute turkey glass tealight holders and think that they would make a fantastic thank-you gift. They would look great on the tables for a little decoration on Thanksgiving Day. For the upcoming years, they will always serve a reminder of the great Thanksgiving that was celebrated this year. Pair these tealight holders with a nice bottle of wine and your hosts will be asking you to come back every year. :)


Candles make a great gift! They can be made personal by finding a scent for a personality that matches them. They make a great addition to many different gifts and can be added to add a touch of scent to a home. I love candles and have several different scents and colors in my home. They add a touch of relaxation and warmth, especially as winter is fast approaching.







Scentsy is a great product for any home! There is a ton of different Scentsy warmers to choose from, each with a light in it so your Scentsy can double as a nightlight. There are scented wax cubes that get warmed and released an aroma of your choice. You can change the scent whenever you choose to! They make great gifts for anyone.