The New Squeeze

Sometimes it is hard to get your kids to brush their teeth. Sometimes it is hard to want to brush your own teeth. You know the feeling. You have come home from a long day at the office (or school) you lay down at five o’clock only to realize that you have let time pass you by and it is already 10 o’clock. You are all comfortable on the couch and you really do not feel like moving. Seriously you do not want to get up. Then you start to remember, it has been a while since you last brushed your teeth. You really do not want a cavity, the dentist is expensive. You really do not want to go through all that pain. You know that if you do not get up and brush your teeth you will regret it later, but where is your motivation? Well, I have your motivation right here!


It is called Squeezie! It is the toothbrush you twist on to your toothpaste. No more will you have to worry about your toothpaste falling off of your toothbrush. No more will you have to worry about getting the crusty, old part of the toothpaste on your brush. With Squeezie you just have to twist on the end of the brush and squeeze! The toothpaste squeezes through the tube and slides right up to your brush. If you ever needed a reason to brush your teeth (other than general hygiene) this is it!

The coolest thing about Squeezie? It was invented by a kindergartner! Seriously! I five year old named J. Diaz dreamed up this contraption. IF a five year old can become an entrepreneur than so can you! This kid has serious talent. What am I doing with my life?

Squeezie comes in two colors: pink and blue, and it is only $4.99! Get your Squeezie now!

Say No to Cold

It is cold. It is so cold that even the inside of buildings are cold. No amount of heat seems to keep the cold out! This is all fine and dandy if you are at home and can cuddle up into a blanket in your bed but when you are stuck in your office with nothing but a flimsy cardigan to protect you, you are in danger of being SOL. But, fear not! There are ways to make your office cozy and warm, it will be so cozy and warm that you will no longer have to worry about the cold. Your new problem will be staying awake in this snugly environment.

The number one thing that warms me up in a cold office environment is a cup of Joe, but let us take that a step further. Get your hands on (literally) this Toasty Mug! It is literally a mug that warms your hands as you sip on a hot beverage. It can be yours for around $50.00 (or $34.00 Euros).

Toasty Mug

Toasty Mug

While we are on the topic of hand warming, why not bring up these USB Heated Fingerless Gloves? These babies will warm your palms as your phalanges furiously type away on your computer. Fingers are very important in the office. You can protect them for $11.99

USB Warming Gloves

USB Warming Gloves

Moving on to other chilly body parts, try this Lava Buns Heated Seat Cushion to warm your tush. There’s nothing worse than cold buns. And I’m not talking about the ones you find at the BBQ. So do your butt a favor and invest in this reusable heated seat cushion for your desk chair for $26.98. Your derriere will thank you.

Lava Buns

Lava Buns


If you need more office warming ideas check out this BuzzFeed article 21 Products You Need To Actually Stay Warm In Your Freezing Office. You’re welcome!

Toasted Slefie- Not Just a Filter on Instagram

Have you ever wanted to eat your own face? Probably not, but now you can. What I mean by this is now when you make toast you can burn your face into it by using the Toasted Selfie Toaster. You could literally tell people to “eat” you when you are mad. Or you could hand them out as party favors. Whatever floats your boat. Make your carbs prettier by putting your face on it.


The Vermont Novelty Toast Corp are the geniuses behind this innovative breakfast option. When you purchase your selfie toaster you will receive a fitted customizable plate to imprint your face on your toast. Just upload a photo and the Vermont Novelty Toast Corp takes care of everything else. You will be planting your fast on toast in no time. The toasters come in five different colors and can be yours for $75.00

This is kind of pricey for a toaster, but I am one to take my jokes too far and I can just imagine serving up some selfie toast to my friends and having a good laugh about it.

Not that conceited? That is okay. You do not have to make a customized selfie imprint, you can buy previously made imprints as well. You could imprint the flying spaghetti monster on your morning grains, or maybe Edgar Allen Poe is more your taste (ha.) You can get animals, sports, historic figures, patterns, politics, religion and an adult only options. Basically whatever you have ever wanted on your toast you can have that.

Just a warning, the imprints only work in the selfie toasters. So you still have to spend the $75.00 to get the selfie toaster. Of course that is how it works.

I think it would be funny to replace the toaster at work with this toaster and not tell anyone. Think of the confusion!


We All Have Trouble Waking Up Sometimes..

I am lazy. I hit my snooze button at least three times before I will admit to myself that the day has begun and it is time to get up. I always go to bed with best of intentions. I think to myself “I’ll wake up at 6:00 AM! I’ll start a pot of coffee, I’ll do a quick workout, I’ll shower and do my makeup. I am determined to start the day off right!” But something happens during the night. I do not know if super positive me goes to bed too, leaving only pessimistic me to take the reigns, or if I was just kidding myself the entire time knowing I would never actually get up and that I was just pretending like I would in order to feel like a more accomplished person, but either way when that alarm rings at 6:00 AM there is no way I am getting out of bed.


This is exactly why I need the Barisieur. What is the Barisieur you ask? Oh it is only the smartest invention ever crafted! It is an alarm clock AND COFFEE BREWER! Yeah you heard me! This thing starts brewing your coffee when your alarm goes off! You do not even have to get out of bed. This would definitely make my experience of getting out of bed much easier. All of those great ideas you have prior to falling asleep are suddenly becoming more realistic!

The only down side is that it is not exactly “real” yet. What I mean by that, is that so far it is only a prototype. The genius behind it is Joshua Renouf , a UK based designer. When you go to his “Purchase Products” page on his website, he explains “We are in the Process of Developing The Barisieur.” and that it will most likely cost around 250 Euros (about $399.99 USD).

Hurry up Joshua, us want to be early birds are counting on you!



Oh Beer, What Do We Have Here?

So my boyfriends birthday is coming up and I want to get him something that he will like, and more importantly something that he will USE! I think we have all had that problem where you buy a friend or boyfriend some really great knick knack just to have it tossed in the corner never to be looked at again (I’m looking at you, matching puzzle piece necklaces from Things Remembered). Don’t get me wrong, sentimental gifts are greatly appreciated, but they don’t always get as much attention as we expect when we first buy them. This doesn’t mean it wasn’t a good gift idea, and it doesn’t mean your loved one didn’t like it (he did but silly me for thinking he would wear a necklace every day!) It just means you can’t do as much with a knick knack as you could with some sort of craft.

Basically, I want to buy my boyfriend a gift that he will be able to do something with. So what does a gift like that look like? What would be a “manly” craft? These are the questions I was asking myself when I found Mr. Beer Home Brewing! I mean come on, what is more manly than beer? (or Root Beer or cider because Mr. Beer is smart and realizes sometimes, not even the manliest of men like beer)


Mr. Beer Home Brewing Premium Kit

Mr. Beer Home Brewing has different sized at home kits ranging from $54.95 to $129.95. I chose the LBK $54.95 kit not only because it was the cheapest but because it was the smallest and therefore the easiest to have in a college home. This 8 liter kit makes 2 gallons of beer and is perfect for first time users. The Mr. Beer Home Brewing website states that the kit comes with:

• 8 Liter Keg Fermenter & Lid
• (11) 740-mL PET Bottles, Caps and Labels
• Spigot, Washer and Nut
• Can of Hopped Malt Extract (HME)
• Packet of Yeast (Under lid of the HME)
• Packet of No-Rinse Cleanser
• Bag of Carbonation Drops
• Brewing With Mr.Beer® How-To DVD (English, Español, François)
• Detailed Printed Instructions (download)

I can’t wait to give it to my boyfriend and see what he creates!