Is Tinder Worth It?

Don’t act like you don’t know what Tinder is! It’s been everywhere lately, but for those of you who honestly don’t know much about it, it’s basically a “dating” site for single 20 somethings. I put dating in quotes because lets be honest it has a reputation as a hook up site. And that’s fine for people who just want a hook up, but what about the people who are looking for a little more?

If people really want to get down to business they tend to put that they are looking for a hook up in their profile. Thank you for making that left swipe so much easier! I have nothing against people that are just on their for a hook up but sometimes that honesty comes off as douchebagery. Maybe it is because I am not looking for a hook up, but I am also not exactly looking for a relationship.

I think a lot of people in their 20s are looking for casual dating and since we are the age of the Internet it’s easy for us to turn to apps like Tinder to do the work for us.


It looks a little something like this. You open the app and your options are displayed on the screen. You can scroll through about five pictures, if people uploaded that many, and read a bio, if people included one. Basically you decide if you are interested by looking at a picture. Swipe left for a “no” and right for a “yes” or use the X or heart feature.

You will encounter douches on Tinder. For example, this is a real message I received on the first day I had Tinder.


I cropped out the name and the picture, but this is a legit message I got.


You can un-match them or block them. Or mess with them, whatever you want!

At the end of the day I still think it is a good way to meet people your age once you weed out the douches.

How To: Be Your Own Kanye West

And I am not talking about becoming a hit selling rapper. We all know Kanye and “cocky” go hand in hand, but he kind of has a point. He is his own biggest fan!

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 2.55.53 PM

I’m not saying being cocky is a good thing but we could all stand to take a lesson from Kanye and be a little more confident. So here are some tips on how to do just that. Let’s channel our inner Kanye Wests!

  1. Exercise: but not so that you have the best body in the world. Don’t focus on how exercise will make your body look, focus on how it makes you feel. Lets take a tip from Elle Woods:
    Exercise does increase your endorphins and your endorphins are responsible for your happy emotions. When your happy you tend to feel better about yourself.
  2. Fake it: Until you make it. It may sound cliche but honestly just telling yourself you are happy and confident can change your whole attitude. It may not happen right away but try using “I’m happy and confident” as your mantra. Repeating it daily, even multiple times a day, will make you believe it.
  3. Surround yourself with positive people: Negativity is contagious. When you are constantly around negative people who always put themselves down, you’ll start to do the same. I’m not saying drop your entire friend group but if there is a toxic friend in your life try distancing yourself from them. And anytime a friend puts themselves down in front of you try talking to them about it. Positivity is also contagious, after all.
  4. Never compare yourself to others: You will always be you. You will never be anyone else, and constantly comparing yourself to what other people have/ are/ do will never end well. It sucks to see people achieving greatness when you don’t see it in yourself, but you have to remember what you do well. Compare you to you.

For more tips check out this article!

Fathers Day!

Fathers Day is right around the corner, June 21st to be exact. How are you going to celebrate the most important man in your life? Will you take him out to dinner? A ball game? Or maybe have a big BBQ? Whatever you decide to do don’t forget to celebrate Dad. Without him you would not be here, but I am not here to give a “Birds and the Bees” talk. No, I am here to talk about what to buy your dad!

Not every dad is the same. Some dad’s like sports while some, like my dad, could care less. So how do we shop for him? If your dad is like my dad then he is a man of few words that “never wants anything.” This makes shopping for him extremely difficult! This is why I have to be sneaky. I have to kind of spy on my dad. When we go shopping I pay close attention to the things he looks at. What does he pick up? What does he ponder over for a long time? What does he put back and why? These are important questions that need to be answered.

After watching my dad for a while I realized he is a huge The Walking Dead fan. Like massive. I can’t think of a time where I saw him watch anything other than The Walking Dead. Even though all of the seasons are on Netflix, he owns all of the DVD’s. He also owns a Walking Dead sweatshirt.

I’m not going to go out and buy him a Daryl Dixion poster (that’s for me). But I did go to CafePress and search “Walking Dead Apparel”. CafePress has everything from shirts, to glasses and zombie survival gear. I think my dad would love this Carl and Rick Grimes Mens Fitted Shirt.


What is your dad a superfan of?

Bridesmaids/ Groomsman Gift Ideas!

Wedding season is upon us and while many people worry about what to get the bride and the groom on their special day, the bride and the groom worry about what to get the special people in their lives. I’m talking about bridesmaids and groomsman. Typically, bridesmaids and groomsman are either relatives or close friends of those to be wed. This means you have to get them something nice! After all being in a wedding is a lot more stressful than showing up the day of.

You could go with the traditional necklaces, cufflinks, what have you. OR you could get something a little more unique!

For the bridesmaids, try getting cute, silk, monogramed robes! The girls can wear them the day of while getting ready and they can use them for more than just one day! These satin robes from Etsy cost $35.00 a piece and come in seven different colors.


Another idea that’s less noticeable is to get your bridesmaids jewelry in your wedding colors. So if your colors are coral and navy get them some coral and navy earrings like these ones from Etsy.


This way your ladies can wear them whenever they want but they will still hold a special meaning for them.

I don’t want to generalize the whole category of “men” but they seem to be less picky to shop for than girls. I’m sure some are but the common theme seems to be buy them something beer related and they will be happy. So, going along with this you could get your groomsman some monogramed beer mugs!


The one above is only $10.00

They will use it whenever and probably for more than just beer. But if you are looking for something special try also getting them some monogramed robes! Try avoiding the short, silky ones from above. Unless they’re into that of course!

Makeup Organization

If you love makeup as much as I do then chances are you have a lot of it. Whether its multiple shades of lipstick, eyeliner, or eye shadow you are probably swimming in it. So how do the pros keep it organized?

I have used a caboodle for a while. You probably had one in the 90s. And it probably looked like this


You can still buy them, but they look a lot more like this now


I always called it my tackle box.

These caboodles are a great way to store your makeup, but sometimes it is hard to find. No matter how many times I clean out my caboodle and organize it, I am always digging around!

This is why the pros use a  clear makeup storage drawers


This is probably the best way to store your makeup. You can dedicate each drawer to a specific item, and you can easily find that item because the drawers are clear! These drawers come in many different sizes. The one pictured has five drawers but you can also get them from three drawers to 10. They are pretty cheap as well, and you can find them anywhere. Check Target, Walmart, Marshall’s, Ikea. Literally anywhere that sells storage units.

Now, this is a great way to store your actual makeup, but what about your brushes? Storing them in drawers can flatten the bristles. This is why you should store your brushes in jars.

A lot of places make storage units specifically for brushes, but I think it is more fun to make them!

I used a vase from the dollar store and filled it with beads.


You can use coffee cups, jars, vases, whatever you can find in your home really! You can even use rice as a filler instead of buying beads like I did.

With all these great storage ideas its time to clean out your old makeup and buy new stuff!