Real Life Chalk Zone

Do you remember the show ChalkZone from Nickelodeon? The premise of the show was the main character Rudy had magic chalk that allowed him to enter the world of ChalkZone. In ChalkZone, everything he drew came to life. I always wished I had magic chalk!


Well now, I can be halfway there. Check out the 3Doodler: The 3D Printing Pen. You have probably heard of 3D printers by now, they are expected to be the newest hot item. Now, they come in pen form.



Yes! A pen that draws in 3D! No more silly two dimensional doodles, the 3Doodler brings your creations to life (well, physically I mean.) So, how does it work? The 3Doodler website answers this question like so, “As 3Doodler draws, it extrudes heated plastic, which quickly cools and solidifies into a strong stable structure. This allows you to build an infinite variety of shapes and items with ease!”

You can draw on a piece of paper and peel your creation off or you can draw in free form like in the picture below!


If you do not have any immediate ideas for what to draw, no worries. You can get yourself some stencils! You can also buy some cool accessories for your 3Doodler. A Doodle Stand to keep your pen safe when you are not using it, a Pedal to work your doodle magic and not get tired, and a Nozzle Set to doodle in different forms (just like the nozzles for icing)!

You may think an innovative, techy pen like this would cost you $3,000,000.000 bucks but no! It only costs $99.00. Now where can you get your hands on the 3Doodler? From their online store of course! They ship all over the world. You can also checkout Best Buy online or Staples online.

Now get to doodling!



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