THIS Is What You Should Do With Those Old Playing Cards

Sometimes birthdays and anniversary’s sneak up on us. Everyone knows when the major holidays like Christmas and Valentines Day are because television does not allow you to forget. Every time you turn your TV on during these seasons you are given a constant, in-your-face reminder about the big day around the corner. But, you do not get these reminders for birthdays and anniversary’s so it is easy to set these things aside until the last minute. With all the reminders we get for the big holidays we are also reminded to save for them. So it is even harder to find a last minute gift when not only are you running out of time, you are running out of money.

Sometimes you are so low on money you literally need to find things from around your house to give someone. When this happens your gift does not have to suck. It does not have to look like you literally threw something together. It can have heart and meaning. This is why I like the “52 Reasons I love You” Idea.


All you need to do this at home is a deck of 52 cards, paper, an adhesive like glue or tape, a marker, a ring or something to hold the cards together and an imagination! These are all things you probably have laying around your house. The hardest part is probably coming up with 52 different things to say about someone. I would just start with the obvious things like “I love your smile” or “I love your laugh” and as you start writing you will start thinking of all the reasons you really do love this person. If you are stuck for ideas you could always visit the site above! All you have to do is attach one reason to one card and combine them all. If someone did this for me I think I would burst out in happy tears!

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