Theme Parties Are the Best

We spend so much time thinking about what we are going to buy for our loved ones that we often forget about the actual celebration. But the celebration is what it is all about! You have to make it the best you can, and the best kind of parties are theme parties. I’m not talking Hawaiian theme or a company Christmas party. I’m talking about a raging 90s theme party!

Everyone is always talking about how great the 90s were. Why not bring them back? We miss the clothes, the music, the slang– everything. We can take one night to celebrate it!

First you will need to create some wicked invites; no E-vites allowed. It’s the 90s after all. Try creating your invitation on a fortune teller. You know the ones you used to create when you were bored at school to see if you would end up with your crush or not?


It’s the only way to get the party started.

Now on to the decor.

It would not be a 90s party without neon splatter paint, so why not create a neon splatter paint backdrop to take pictures against?


Maybe add some gold chain props or snap bracelets to give your pictures more flare.


More importantly it would not be the 90s without a mix CD of all the best tunes. Some of my favorite throwback tracks include:

  1. Waterfalls- TLC
  2. Hit Me Baby One More Time- Britney Spears
  3. Unbelievable- EMF
  4. One Week- Bare Naked Ladies
  5. Boombastic- Shaggy

A great final touch to any 90s party would be to play 90s movies in the background. You do not have to have the sound on, just let the movie play! Some of my go to 90s movies are:

  1. Pulp Fiction
  2. American Beauty
  3. Fargo
  4. Clueless
  5. Romeo + Juliet

For more 90s theme party ideas check out this article.

The Bored Jar

I hate being bored but somehow I always am. However, being 22 I can just hop in my car and find my own adventure, but when you have young kids that always complain about being bored you cannot exactly send them away. I do not have kids yet but I remember being a little girl and complaining all the time about how I did not know what to do and even then I knew it drove my mom insane. That is why when I came across “The Bored Jar” I knew I had to share it with everyone. Because, honestly, you do not need to be a little kid to have a bored jar of your own.


All you need to make a bored jar is some sort of jar or jar-like contraption. A box would do too. Technically anything that can hold something else would work just fine. The hard part is coming up with ideas to fill your jar with. You can download a list with 150 ideas on it from The Mad House blog. She also has idea lists specific to the seasons. Like build a snowman in the winter and plant some flowers in the spring! Of course a lot of the ideas are perfect for children, but if you are not a small child and you do not enjoy activities that cater to small children I came up with a more “mature” list.

  1. Make a playlist and go for a joyride in your car. Either alone or with a friend!
  2. Binge watch a show you have never seen before on Netflix. You know they just added Friends.
  3. Stalk your crush on Facebook, you know you want to anyway.
  4. Actually go outside and enjoy nature, no phone needed. That really goes for everyone at any age.

The options are endless!

XO, G Wine

Wine lovers rejoice! The lovely Giuliana Rancic from E! News has created a simple and accessible way to drink wine. Have you ever just wanted one glass of wine but found the hassle of opening a wine bottle and dirtying a glass to be too much? I do! Especially when I have misplaced my corkscrew. Or maybe you are just too busy to sit down and crank open a bottle. Now you do not have to worry about any of those things because XO, G Wine is here!


The XO, G Wine website states, “There’s a time and a place for enjoying a full bottle of wine… But sometimes, 9pm on a Monday night isn’t it. With X, G you can finally enjoy that delicious glass of wine without worrying about overindulging. Our 4 shatterproof, pre-filled glasses of premium wine are perfect for those times when just one glass is enough.”

It is wine, one glass at a time! This is perfect if you do not want to ruin a bottle by opening it (we all know its not the same after you re-cork it) or if you are trying to cut down and do not want to be tempted by the full bottle. It is diet season after all. XO, G wine is also perfect if you need to take some with you. Maybe you are attending a BYOB dinner party, or maybe you need party favors for your bachelorette party!

Your wine options with XO, G are a Pinot Grigio, Rosé, Pinot Noir, or a variety pack including two Pinot Grigio’s and two Pinot Noirs. You can find Giuliana’s wonderful wine collection at Walmart for about $10.00. Such a good price!

I can imagine having a lot of girls nights with these beauties! I feel like these wines are also perfect if you are new to wine and not sure which kinds of wines will delight your pallet.

Personalized Necklaces 2.0

I know I have talked about personalized jewelry before, but that is because it is always so cute and thoughtful! One of my very good friends just had a birthday and my friends and I wanted to make it an extra special day, because why not? One thing to know about my friends and I is that we tend to take our jokes too far. That does not mean people ever get hurt; we are not monsters. It means that we drag out our jokes and go so in depth with them that no one thinks they are funny but us. But, who cares about anyone else?

A perfect example of how we take our jokes too far is that we usually get each other gag gifts for the holidays and special occasions, but they are never cheap $1.00 gag gifts we actually shell out a significant amount of cash when we do it. (significant for college kids is $20.00 by the way)

The gift we got for our friend this year was a personalized necklace.. with her fake nickname on it. Don’t worry she loved it and actually wears it every day so it was not a total waste. It is actually a very cute necklace so I thought I would share it!


You can find this handmade necklace through Best Personalized Jewelry on Etsy. It is brass and plated with 18K gold. It will cost you around $22.00 (plus tax and shipping) and has a maximum of 10 letters. The color options are gold and silver. Your personalized necklace comes in a cute little gift box so it is ready to present as soon as you get it!

No need to worry because if for some reason your friend does not like the gift you can return it in 30 days and get your money back!


Book Lover’s Rejoice!

I know it is cold right now, but the only thing that is getting me through this whether is thinking about the warm summer months to come. And nothing is more relaxing than laying on the beach reading a book. However, nothing is more irritating than getting the book wet from your day at the lake. Or even worse trying to find a comfortable position laying on your stomach yet trying to keep your pages flat. When that does not work you flip over to your back and try to read while holding the book above your head but then the sun gets involved and you cannot see.

This is why anyone who enjoys a good read, not only on the beach but in any situation, needs the transparent book weight or as it is called on the website, the Book on Book.



All you have to do is lay the transparent cover over the page you are reading. You will be protected from liquids and wind wherever you bring your beloved literature.

One thing that sketches me out about this product is that it ships from Japan, even though it ships worldwide I have just never ordered anything from over seas. The book on book is the 6,490 Yen, which is about $55.40. It is kind of expensive but if you really love book and you are always reading, which mean you are always harming your books, it will be worth it.

There is nothing worse than checking a book out of the library and damaging it. You will always get dirty looks from librarians and will probably have to pay a small yet annoying fine.

This product and other geeky doodads can be found though this buzzfeed article 19 Insanely Clever Gifts You’ll Want To Keep For Yourself.