Good Art Makes for a Great Home

When I got my first place I was so excited to decorate! Then I realized, I do not have any money :/ So I had to figure out a cheap way to make my house a home. In order to do this, I started looking online for some cheap yet stylish art. Now, the kind of art you are thinking of is expensive, but there are cheap options.

Example number one: I love Chuck Close. I think his hyper-realistic drawings are AMAZING. Seriously, he hand-draws these pictures and they look like photographs. I especially love his self portrait.


I repeat, this is a drawing! HAND drawn! No computer, no camera. It is amazing! A large print of this is going to cost you hundreds of dollars ( I saw one for over $700.00!!) This really upset me because I do not have hundreds of dollars to spend on art. However, I found a small one for $25.00 at the Walker Art Center gift shop I was able to get the picture I wanted for a good price.

A lot of us college kids do not even have $25.00 to spend on a picture but this does not mean we cannot have nice things. Posters a a cheap option, but they often look cheap when hung up on the wall with some tape. A nice remedy to this is to frame it. You can find cheap frames at the Good Will  or even Walmart. The frames give the posters a polished feel, and framing your posters will help keep the edges from fraying.


Look how cool this framed poster of the series Mad Men looks.

I also feel like framing posters is a very youthful thing. We are not sophisticated enough yet for high-class art, but that does not mean we cannot make our homes look polished!

The DIY Treatment

Sometimes the greatest gifts of all are the gifts we give to ourselves. But, after this holiday rush I do not think any of us have money laying around. This is why I really like Do It Yourself (DIY) projects. They usually only require things you already have in your kitchen, like honey or milk.


If you are like me and you dye your hair all of the time then your hair is most likely damaged. To help remedy this issue, all you need is one banana, a tablespoon of olive oil and an hour of your time. Mash up the banana really well, like almost to a puree. Then mix in the tablespoon of olive oil. Massage the mask throughout your scalp and leave it on for 30 minutes to an hour. After that just shampoo and condition your hair.


Another problem I have is blackheads. I cannot seem to get rid of those tiny black pinheads. If you are having the same issue try making a Blackhead Removal Peel Off Mask. It only takes three ingredients: one egg yolk, one tablespoon of gelatin, and two tablespoons of organic milk.  This mask is a little more complicated than the previous one, so make sure you have set aside enough time to do it.

  • First you have to separate the egg white from the yolk and then beat the egg white.
  • Next, mix the gelatin and the milk and heat it over a light setting while constantly stirring. Do this until the gelatin dissolves into the milk. Pour this mixture into a bowl and let it cool.
  • Now that it is cool, add the egg white and mix everything together.

Now that the mask is ready, get your face ready. Clean your face then steam is by turning the water on as hot as it can go and just let the steam rise up and open your pores. Spread the mix over your face and leave it on for 30 minutes (avoid your eyebrows you do not want to peel them off too!) Peel it off and rinse with warm water and then splash your face with cold water to close the pores!

Steel Ice Cubes

Don’t you hate it when you pour yourself a drink and its Luke-warm? So then you add some ice thinking your problems will be solved but you end up just end up creating more problems for yourself? Yeah, I hate that too. Even if you chill your alcohol before pouring it you risk it getting warm if you do not drink it fast. And everyone knows a nice whiskey is better sipped than chugged. There is nothing worse than a watered down drink. You do not spend money on alcohol just to have it all go to waste. This is why you need these steel ice cubes.


They come in a pack of four for only $25.95. You can get them from the website Cool Material

These sleek one inch stainless steel cubes work because they have a non-toxic gel inside them that helps keep your drink cool. This would make a perfect addition to any bartender, boozey, or all around alcohol snobs collection.

For those of you who use whiskey stones, don’t. Just stop it. Whiskey stones absorb your alcohol because they are porous. Whereas these stainless steel ice cubes do not. I literally cannot think of any reason not to buy these little guys! Buy a couple packs for your parties or buy one just for you.

Pair these cubes up with a sleek looking glass and you’ve got the perfect present for under the tree. Or, leave them by themselves and use them as a stocking stuffer.

Not into the squares? Cool Material has steel whiskey balls as well. They are made in the USA, come with a pair of tongs and a pouch, and are made from the same quality steel as the steel ice cubes. These ones are slightly cheaper at the price of $24.95. Whatever shape you prefer check these out before they are all gone!

PowerCurl Wrap- an Organizational Life Saver

I have a thing of gadgets. The kind of gadgets that are strange, or quirky in a way yet at the same time incredibly helpful. The kind that make you say “I wish I would have thought of that.” I just had one of those moments when I saw this, the Mac PowerCurl for Mac Wrap from Quirky


The idea seems so simple. So simple that it is almost stupid, but it is those simple somehow idiotic ideas that make the most money. This is something you never think you need until you see it. You may not realize that your lose computer cord bothers you. All those times you’ve tripped over it, all of those times you had to bunch it up just to travel, or even walk to another area in your own house, never seemed inconvenient. It just seemed like the way of life.

And then the PowerCurl for Mac Wrap comes into your life and you question how you ever lived without it. Now crumpling up your charger and shoving it into you backpack or briefcase seems wrong. You now realize that tripping over your charger is not just inconvenient it is dangerous. So why not spend the $5.00 and make your life easier?

Not only is the PowerCurl for Mac wrap life-saving and cheap, it is stylish. The PowerCurl for Mac comes in five eye-catching colors: Teal, lime green, hot pink, black, and grey. It comes in different sizes so every Mac owner, whether it be MacBook, Mackbook Pro, or MacBook Air, can have one (sorry PC, maybe your day will come).

The PowerCurl for Mac Wrap saves you a lot of desk space, keeps your cord from tangling, and saves you packing time. You can get from A to B a lot faster now that your cord is pre-wrapped. Whether you are someone who values organization or not this gizmo is a necessity.

Quick Last Minute Gift Ideas

Were you thinking of getting your loved one a mug this Christmas season? Or an apron? Or movie themed apparel? Yet the problem is you waited too long, and now you do not have enough time to shop for everyone on your list and get them each something individual and unique. Well, I am here to tell you, you are wrong. There is still time to get everyone on your list something they will enjoy! This is because everything you need can be found on one place: Cafepress.


Cafepress is always my go to for all of my gift giving needs: Birthdays, Christmas, Valentines day etc. Cafepress sells clothing, kids stuff, baby stuff, accessories, bags, supplies for hobbies, cases & covers, drinkware, wall art, products for the home, and stationary items. They sell by brand to. They offer Hunger Games, Big Bang Theory, Peanuts, and Marvel themed gear as well.

Maybe nothing on the site suits your fancy. Maybe you had something in your mind and you cannot find anything on the site that matches what you are thinking of. No problem! You can create your own products using the site. Got a funny shirt idea? a mug design? an idea for a laptop case? Create it on Cafepress!

The site describes themselves as the following:”It’s where the world turns for unique products that express what people love most.” And this is true, they even have customizable monopoly! It is really the only place to go to get a wide variety of unique, customizable gifts all at once. The only thing that makes this better is that the products on the site are not that expensive. The most expensive product I could find on the site was canvas wall art for around $70.00. On average most products cost around $25.00. Since it is so cheap, you might as well get something for yourself while you are there!