Elf on the Shelf

Now that we have officially passed the hump known as Thanksgiving, we can get to the important things like Christmas. Do not get me wrong Thanksgiving is an important holiday where we can reflect and appreciate the things we already have, and Christmas is the time where we ask for more things.

Funny how the two come right after each other, and by funny I mean ironic.

Now that we are getting into this greedy Christmas season (it should not be but it is) we need a little help with deciphering who is naughty and who is nice. Santa cannot be expected to do all the work!

I never understood what exactly elf on the shelf was. I knew it was for children but I did not get what the hype was about. So I did a little research in case there were others out there just as confused as me.

Apparently Elf on the Shelf started out as a children’s book explaining the accounts of Santas’ Scout Elves. These elves go into children’s homes, watch, and tell Santa if they are being good or not (seems a little creepy to me, but I will go with it). The book comes with an elf to keep on your on shelf, after you have read your children the story.


People can buy the Elf on the Shelf book with Elf included for $29.99, but I have also heard of people making their own. You can find elf on the shelf ideas on Pinterest. The place where you can find everything.

Usually people hide their helper elves on the mantel of the fire place, but they also move them around throughout the Christmas season to show their children that the elves are watching.

Honestly, the concept of inviting someone into your home to spy on your children is a little weird to me, but some people dig it.


Massages Are Always a Good Idea

No matter who it is, your mom, dad, sister, uncle, boyfriend, friend, neighbor, there is one gift idea that everyone can appreciate. That is a massage.

Everyone has some sort of stress-er in their life whether its school, work, family life, or friend troubles. Many people carry this stress in their shoulders, or back. This means that on top of their mental pain, they are experiencing physical pain.

With the holidays around the corner, and with a lot of people to shop for a single unisex gift idea might just be the answer to any gift giving woes. The only minor set back is that massages are usually expensive.


But, fear not, I have found a few cheap massage options. One option would be to get someone a gift certificate to Massage Envy. The only problem with this is that the first “introductory” massage is $39.99 (this includes Swedish and deep tissue) for one hour. The next is $59.99 for a one and a half hour massage (deep tissue, Swedish, and sports) and finally for two hours at the introductory price of $79.99 (Swedish, deep tissue, and sports) and the rest are regularly priced. So if you only have one person (or three and you like two of them better) you could go here.

However, if you have multiple to buy for then I would try Living Social.

This is where I go to get my massages. For example, you could by two $37.00 60 minute massages from Intrinsic Massage. Or you could buy three one hour massages at $30.00 each from Therahands Massage. There are plenty of options on this site all you have to do is select your location, enter what you want and you will be given a list of options.

I will definitely be putting a massage on my wish list this holiday season. I will also probably get my mom one (she deserves it).


Christmas Eve Gift Basket

Okay, I know it has not even been Thanksgiving yet, and believe me I hate when people try to rush the holidays. BUT I saw the best thing on Pinterest today! It was such as cute idea that I could not resist posting it a little early. Besides, it is always good to prepare things early. Christmas is such a big holiday that one must start to prepare as soon as possible or they will miss out!

Besides, this is a really sweet idea.

Christmas Eve Box

Christmas Eve Box

What you do is buy a cute box, bucket, basket, anything you can use to hold a bunch of stuff in at one time. Then you fill it with Christmas pajamas, coco, snacks, a mug, a Christmas move, maybe even a stuffed animal. Next, you decide who you are going to give it to, your: kids, husband, mom, sister, friend, whoever because it is such a good idea people at any age can appreciate it.

Now, do not give it to them right away, wait until Christmas Eve! Make sure everyone you are going to be spending this evening with gets one, or there could be some hard feelings. Have everyone open their box ON CHRISTMAS EVE. Tell them to put on the Christmas themed pajamas, heat up the coco, snuggle that stuffed animal, get the popcorn popping and start watching that movie! It is like a Christmas starter kit! It will get everyone in the mood (like people really need help with that) for the festivities to come! It is also a great way to bond with your family. Since you can customize them, you can give them to anyone on your list. Even your boss!

It is a really inexpensive way to make someone’s day (or night). It is truly the perfect gift for the perfect time of year.

Getting Someone a Pet as a Gift: Good or Bad Idea?


Its a great concept. Your girlfriend or boyfriends birthday is coming up, they have been feeling lonely since all their pets live with their parents and you think hey I should get them a pet!

I mean why not, they are cute and cuddly and who wouldn’t just drop their jaw in aw at the site of a fuzzy little kitten or a rambunctious little puppy!

But, do we ever stop and think about the hidden costs? Yeah cats and dogs are expensive and getting that big cost out of the way would be nice, but lets take a kitten for example. You get the kitten, put a bow on it maybe a bell, and leave it in their room for them to come home to a sweet little surprise. But did you get the litter box? The food? Some toys? Treats? What about vet bills? Does it have its shots? Is it fixed? De-clawed? Did you think about who was going to pay for that?

De-clawing: $250.00

Spay/neutering: $150.00

Food: $16.00

Litter box: $25.00

Toys: $10.00

Cat carrier: $30.00

(prices from Walmart)

Even if you get the cat from the Humane Society for $10.00 your still spending $481 for all of its necessities!

I guess if you are willing to not only pay for the cat but also all the costs that come with it then by all means go for it!

But, do they want it? What is their living situation? Do they have roommates and if so do they like cats? Can they have cats at their place? Are they allergic? Sometimes you can like cats but be allergic to them. You might not even know it!

An animal would be a nice surprise, but you should make sure its something your partner is not only financially ready for it but actually wants it. Just be courteous!

FooDoodle Pens

I was on Tumblr and I found this post about fun products and one of these products were edible pens. I searched far and wide, but I could not find the exact product ANYWHERE. So, I searched for an alternative.


Have you every wanted to draw a cool design on your food but the fear of ink poisoning stopped you? Well fear no longer because I just found the coolest thing! Its called the FooDoodle Pen (Food DOODLE, get it?) I found this product on Amazon for only $13.97. These are just like real pens except for the fact that you can DRAW ON YOUR FOOD AND NOT DIE WHEN YOU EAT IT! This pack of pastry painting pens comes with 10 colors: Red, Blue, Green, Black, Yellow, Brown, Orange, Purple, Navy Blue, and Pink. They are reusable and work on cookies, crackers, wafers, bagels, bread and MARSHMALLOWS!

These pens would be perfect for the artistic baker in your life or even as a craft idea for kids. There are many different uses for these pens. You could decorate holiday cookies with Santa’s face or Rudolph’s nose. You could put a school or company logo on them for a bake sale.

These pens are better than using frosting to decorate because they are thin and precise. You can draw more intricate designs on your baked goods. They are not as messy as frosting either. The FooDoodle pens also come with stencils so even if you are not the next Picaso you can still create a design that is pleasing to the eye (and the mouth!)

These would be a great addition to any upcoming holiday cooking decorating parties, or a great stocking stuffer idea for the future chef in your life! There are many reasons to buy these pens but I think the most convincing reason is that if you buy them, you have to try them out, which means you HAVE to eat cookies :)