A Magazine Subscription Makes a Great Gift


I love magazines. They are easy to read, don’t require a ton of focus and attention (which is great if you are super busy like I am) and they encompass both great pictures and great articles (I’ve a very visual person).

There are magazines out there for just about every interest, hobby, and career. I have many different titles that come in the mail that cover a variety of my interests. My favorite magazines are Good Housekeeping, People, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, and Self. I have all the bases covered for fashion, celebrities, home décor, meals, my love life, living healthy and beauty.

A magazine subscription makes a great gift. They aren’t super expensive and it’s a gift that keeps on giving by arriving every month. People also don’t always treat themselves to getting a magazine and find it thoughtful and useful when somebody gets one for them—at least that’s true for me and a couple of my close girlfriends!

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