Being Hair Free for Several Weeks

Something I have a love hate relationship with is waxing in Huntington Beach. I love to be hair free for several weeks at a time. I do not love the pain associated with waxing however. Even so it is the only way I take care of my hairy legs, bikini line, and arm pits. The pain is worth the freedom of not worrying about shaving. I used to need to shave everyday. Not anymore.

Something I have gotten used to is the pain, now that I have been a loyal waxer for over a year, my hair follicles have gotten thinner, it does not hurt as much to pull out thinner hair and the pain isn’t shocking anymore, I am used to it so it does not bother me so much. I got my sister a gift certificate to get waxed and she is now a convert. She waxes regularly and enjoys the freedom from having to shave.

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