A Jambox is The Way to Go for a Music Lover

blogjambox2I am a huge fan of music and so is my man. I like all sorts of music and my favorite Pandora Stations include “90s pop music”, “Mumford and Sons radio”, and “Today’s country music”. See? I told you I had quite the variety!

I was in Best Buy the other day waiting for the Geek Squad to take a look at my computer (thank goodness for them!) and I found a display of Jambox speakers by Jawbone. These are wireless bluetooth speakers that make it easy to listen to music almost anywhere.

The sound that comes out of this is amazing. It can fill some pretty big spaces and my friends quite often use theirs outside when we are grilling or having a bonfire. The charge on them last about 15 hours, which is a lot of music playing!

This speaker makes a great gift to the music lover. They can have access to their songs whenever they want!

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