Delivery Man is a Great Movie

dmI love comedies. They are my favorite kind of book, movie and show. I think that sometimes life gets pretty stressful and nothing feels better than a good belly laugh!

A gift that I know is safe with most of my friends is comedy DVDs. This is a gift that isn’t too expensive, and there are a ton to choose from. I like to even make a little gift basket out of it and add popcorn bags, movie theater style candy, and a couple of 20 oz bottles of pop.

Delivery Man recently came out on DVD and I suggest picking it up today! This is a great movie (and I’m not just saying that because I’m a big fan of Vince Vaughn). You can pick this up almost anywhere that movies are sold, although I usually go to Target.

A Gift Card to Home Depot is the Perfect Housewarming Gift

home_depot_gift_cardI love getting a housewarming gift for somebody that just moved. Getting a new home or moving can be so exciting that I like to celebrate with the person and show them that I’m excited and happy for them!

Sometimes it can be really hard to pick out a housewarming gift for people. I am personally very picky about my house decor. I like things to match, and I’m very “Type A” about it. I know there are a lot of other people that feel the same way. This is how I’ve come to discover that gift cards make great housewarming gifts. I typically like to get gift cards that can be used for things in the home. Home Depot is a great one because they seem to have everything from home improvement items to more fun home items like grills and patio furniture.

It can be very expensive to move, so a gift card is great because the person can make their house look nice without spending their own money!

Being Hair Free for Several Weeks

Something I have a love hate relationship with is waxing in Huntington Beach. I love to be hair free for several weeks at a time. I do not love the pain associated with waxing however. Even so it is the only way I take care of my hairy legs, bikini line, and arm pits. The pain is worth the freedom of not worrying about shaving. I used to need to shave everyday. Not anymore.

Something I have gotten used to is the pain, now that I have been a loyal waxer for over a year, my hair follicles have gotten thinner, it does not hurt as much to pull out thinner hair and the pain isn’t shocking anymore, I am used to it so it does not bother me so much. I got my sister a gift certificate to get waxed and she is now a convert. She waxes regularly and enjoys the freedom from having to shave.

Amazing Anniversary Gifts at RedEnvelope

blog-anniversaryAn anniversary is something to celebrate. Not every couple can withstand the test of time, and “these days” not every couple lasts as long as they used to. Anniversary gifts can be given to one another, or to another couple to celebrate their success together.

My favorite anniversary gift I’ve received was a gorgeous right hand diamond ring. It was very simple but definitely something that I cherish.

I found some great anniversary gifts at RedEnvelope, which is a place I love to go for gifts for all occasions. I found this adorable personalized famous couples pillow cover. It can be personalized with two names, which are highlighted by having them a different colored font. This would be a great anniversary gift for friends or family members who are celebrating being together for an amount of time–whether it’s two years or twenty, it’s something to celebrate and cherish!

A Jambox is The Way to Go for a Music Lover

blogjambox2I am a huge fan of music and so is my man. I like all sorts of music and my favorite Pandora Stations include “90s pop music”, “Mumford and Sons radio”, and “Today’s country music”. See? I told you I had quite the variety!

I was in Best Buy the other day waiting for the Geek Squad to take a look at my computer (thank goodness for them!) and I found a display of Jambox speakers by Jawbone. These are wireless bluetooth speakers that make it easy to listen to music almost anywhere.

The sound that comes out of this is amazing. It can fill some pretty big spaces and my friends quite often use theirs outside when we are grilling or having a bonfire. The charge on them last about 15 hours, which is a lot of music playing!

This speaker makes a great gift to the music lover. They can have access to their songs whenever they want!