Great Titles at Barnes and Noble Right Now!



I love going to Barnes and Noble from time to time and checking out their selection of books. My reading hobbies change quite frequently and I can always find something that interests me at the time with the huge selection of books. I may pay a little more for a title here than I would at Target or Wal-Mart, but the selection is so much better than I’ll pay a little more and it’s worth it!

Barnes and Noble has both fiction and non-fiction books, and they have books for sports, self-help, sci-fi and fantasy, romance, religion, politics, mystery and crime, humor, history, graphic novels, diet and health, cookbooks, bios, art and photography and SO much more.

A Barnes and Noble gift card makes a great gift for anybody that you know that loves books and magazines (and the gift card can be used for the Nook if they have one).

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