This Gravy Warmer Would’ve Been Nice to Have For The Holidays!



Sometimes I have the worst luck! I tend to find things AFTER I could’ve used them quite often and this gravy warmer is one of them.

I ended up hosting family Thanksgiving and family Christmas and made gravy for both (turkey gravy for Thanksgiving and ham gravy for Christmas). My mother always made the BEST gravy and recently I have finally come close to getting her recipe down (gravy is WAY harder to make than it should be). For awhile there, I always had canned gravy on hand because it was almost guaranteed that I would mess up the homemade stuff.

Anyway, I found this gravy warmer which keeps gravy warm on the table for up to an hour! I’m ordering this and having it on hand for future holiday meals (and those rare times during the rest of the year when I cook up a big meal involving gravy).



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