The Best Gifts Are Handmade

blog-flannel blanket


I recently started dating a guy and am having a hard time knowing what to get for him for Christmas.  I don’t want to get him something too “practical” because it seems a tad boring when everything right now between us is fun, new and exciting! Then I had the idea to make him a blanket to keep in his living room because it’s homemade, thoughtful and useful. Plus, a blanket is perfect is the cold winter months.

I made a flannel blanket with my grandmother last year and decided this was what I wanted to make for him. Fabric can add up quickly (especially flannel…it’s expensive!) so I wanted to save as much money as possible. This is very important to do for me during the holidays. I have a BIG family and Christmas gifts can take a toll on my bank account.

Jo-Ann Fabrics has great deals and helpful coupons. I’m heading there tomorrow to check out some fabric and save some money!

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