Upper Deck Series 1 Hockey Cards Just in Time for Christmas

DCS Sports Cards-Upper Deck Series 1 Hockey Cards Hobby Box


My son loves hockey just as much as my husband does. They get so excited each time a game is on (the Minnesota Wild is on tonight and they have been talking about it all afternoon). They are such big fans of the sport in general that they honestly have SEVERAL favorite teams instead of just one.

My son is all signed up for hockey for the fall/winter as well and is more excited if that’s at all possible. He has our garage all set up with nets and has been rollerblading around practicing.

For Christmas, I ordered him a box of Upper Deck Series 1 Hockey¬†sports cards. I hope that he likes these and I think that he will want to start up a collection. I think it’s a great way to take his love for hockey to another level and a hobby to his life.

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