My Dad is Going to Love These Slippers



Every single year for Christmas, I give my dad the gift of slippers. I get him other things too, but it never fails that he gets a pair of slippers under the Christmas tree. Since Christmas is just under two months away, I figured I better get some Christmas shopping done!  I think it’s odd that it takes almost a year exactly for his slippers to get worn out to the point where he needs new ones, but he wears them everyday (even in the summer!)

I found these International Men’s Camper Moccasin Slippers and knew right away that my dad would love them. They look extremely warm and comfortable. These are available from Amazon in a couple of different colors (tan, black, and “root beer”) so you can get his favorite.

A Way to a Man’s Heart is Through His Stomach

Have you heard this phrase before? I feel like it couldn’t be more true! My man and I are celebrating our 5 year wedding anniversary this week and we decided that instead of doing something out and about, we’re going to stay in. I’m going to cook him an amazing meal and we’re going to watch the movie that we went to on one of our first few dates.

I really wanted to make him something special, so I turned to Pinterest for a little inspiration. He LOVES Italian food, so I thought I would try out this Tortellini bake and serve it with a Cesar salad and some dipping bread with olive oil and pesto. The link to the recipe is right here. 

blog-tortellini bake


I can’t wait for this amazing date night! Having it at home is so much more intimate and let’s not forget how much money it can save.



I’m Putting These Coach SOHO Handbags On The Top of My Christmas List!

travel luggage plus-coach SOHO leather handbag


Even as an adult, my mom still asks me around this time of year for my Christmas list. I am not complaining one bit about this and probably look forward to this as much as a child does! Christmas is just around the corner (it’s 2 days and 2 months away and I can’t believe it!) I’m trying to get my shopping done early this year, but I think we all know that it won’t get done until December 23rd. :)

This year, Coach SOHO Handbags are on the top of my Christmas list. Coach is my favorite brand for purses and bags and I have quite the collection going. However, I don’t have a SOHO bag yet and I love them because they are classy and simple yet I know they have the high quality that Coach purses all have.

What do you think of this bag? What’s on your Christmas list this year?

This Bumper Case For Your Nabi Tablet Is a Must



When giving the gift of an electronic tablet, it’s always a good idea to gift a case as well. Electronics are so expensive and can be broken easily (trust me, I know from experience after TWO iPhones). This is especially true if you have kids or there are other people that will be using the device.

My advice when giving the gift of an electronic is to add a case. However, make sure that they open the electronic first or they really won’t know what the case is for!

I found this super cute pink bumper case for my Nubi tablet at Best Buy. It’s only $29.99 and qualifies for free shipping if you decide to order it online. I really like this one because it’s even shock proof, so it’s protected if it’s ever dropped!


I Love This Microwave Corn Popper As a Housewarming Gift



I am going to a housewarming party tomorrow night and I can’t wait! My best friend and her husband bought a house two months ago. They are all settled in and it’s already painted and decorated. I give them huge props for this because I moved seven months ago and still have a couple of boxes in the basement. They are expecting a baby in December though, so they have a time limit in which they are trying to get things done. I think I’m most excited to see the nursery!

I got them a little date night movie gift basket and in it is this microwave popcorn popper, a container of popcorn, some fun seasonings, and a couple of great new release movies. I love gift baskets and I have to say that this one is great!