Football Season is Here & So Are 2013 Topps Football Cards

DCS Sports Cards-2013 Topps Football Cards


Who else has been watching football this weekend? Right now, I’m watching the Vikings play the Lions and it’s a really close game! I love football season and I know a lot of you do, too.

Today, in honor of the first Minnesota Vikings game, I made up a nice meat and cheese tray and some Velveeta cheese/Rotel tomato dip  in the crockpot. I think I get more excited about the delicious “couch-gating” food that I make up for all of the boys.

While I’m on the computer finishing up this blog, I’m also going to put in my order for 2013 Topps Football Cards. I was supposed to order them for my son last week, but accidentally forgot to order them! Thanks to the football craze this weekend, I was reminded. :)

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